Welcome to the Cardinals’ Virtual Museum!

New Cardinal Virtual Museum Opens Today, Jan. 30, 2012.

The new website, www.cardinals.com/museum, will be launched today, Jan. 30th, to showcase the team’s extensive collection of baseball memorabilia, as it encourages fans to explore and learn more about the 121-year old, very deep and accomplished history of the  team with the two redbirds on one bat.  The exposition includes hundreds of historical photographs, newly developed virtual exhibits, and educational videos that  examine the internal side of the collection and also highlight the biographies of the great Cardinals in club history. The new webpage also has interactive elements designed to encourage fan input. Bill DeWitt III, president of the Cardinals, commented, “We wanted to create a place to showcase our vast museum collection, while giving fans a chance to learn more about the rich history of the Cardinals.” In terms of size, the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum collection of 15,000 items and 80,000 archival photographs is the largest team-held collection in baseball and is second only to the National Baseball Hall of Fame

(The preceding comments were reformulated from information sent to me late yesterday by Bill Rogers of St. Louis from an original notice that had been posted by broadcast e-mail to numerous Cardinal fans by Jerry Berger. Because of my ties to the St. Louis community, many of these kinds of communiques quickly reach me too. I have known St. Louis Museum Curator Paula Homan for years and all I can say is, “Paula and the other Cardinal people really know how to give history the right treatment.” – I haven’t had much chance to explore this new offering, so let’s visit it together. Maybe we shall hit upon some ideas that could ignite here in Houston.)


3 Responses to “Welcome to the Cardinals’ Virtual Museum!”

  1. Bob Hulsey Says:

    How nice to see a franchise that reveres and respects their history, unlike a local team I shall not name. Truly, if all teams were so diligent, there’d be no need for websites like mine. Congratulations to the Cardinals both on their latest championship and on their long, rich history. It’s no secret why their fans are so devoted and so fortunate.

  2. John Watkins Says:

    Paula Homan and her staff did a great job with the virtual museum. It’s typical of the Cardinals, a first-class organization all the way. Bill, you might be interested in knowing that I’ll be donating some Watty Watkins items to the museum. Of course, he is but one example of the long ties between the Houston and the Cardinals.

  3. Shirley Virdon Says:

    The Cardinals and the Pirates appreciate their rich history and both seek to remind their fans of it by displaying it as widely as possible and staying connected to their Alumni by bringing them in for autograph sessions and exposing the younger fans to the past heroes of their respective clubs. This is how you create a strong fan base that carries from generation to generation!
    Bill just participated in the Cardinals Winter-Warmup before we came to Florida and last week he participated in the Pirate’s Fantasy Camp here in Bradenton. We heard from many younger participants that their Dad’s had told them about watching him play and they loved hearing “stories” from his playing days!
    This is what creates a Baseball Club’s History—–not changing the name every few years or throwing out the people who know the history and helped create it——-Continuity makes for longivity and that makes Champions!

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