Happy Thanksgiving, Houston Sports Fans!

Gobble, Gobble.

It’s the time of year, folks. Tomorrow is the day we formally dedicate ourselves to doing what we ought to do every day we wake up on the sunny side of the grass – and that’s to inventory and celebrate our gratitude to God or whomever else we may think is responsible for all the good things we each have encountered in life. As for me, I will go with God Almighty as the Creator, but the intelligent emanating source name that you pray to is in your ballpark of decision-making,  As for those of you who eschew the idea of creation by intelligent design, I guess you will simply have to thank your lucky stars for being so fortunate.

The really important things fill each of our gratitude baskets with love, health, and spiritual wellness, but some of us (not this kiddo) will quickly get lost in matters of wealth and material acquirement. As Houston sports fans, however, what do we hold onto or share in the name of gratitude this year? I’m going to offer a few guesses. Perhaps, you have some that you would like to add or delete in the commentary space that follows this column.

Let’s go with baseball fans first. …

(1) Bud Selig can no longer chase the Astros away from the National League. He’s already done it.

(2) The Astros cannot finish any lower in the NLC in 2012 than they did in 2011. They can lose more games, but they cannot finish any lower.

(3) Ball game tickets in 2012 are likely to drop in price.

(4) The Astros will be in their last year of contract with Carlos Lee.

(5) We can look forward to plans for a new Astros team uniform style. Maybe Crane will bring back the orange color  that would go so well with both our club history and the current brand and color theme of Minute Maid Park.

(6) It will be fun watching the young players develop and looking for signs of how the new ownership plans to rebuild this talent-decimated club.

(7) We’ve got one whole season to start getting used to the idea of moving to the American League West in 2013.

Football ….

(1) Gratitude for the success of the Houston Texans mixes with the hope that back up QB Matt Leinart can bring the club through to their first trip into the post-season playoffs.

(2) For those of us who are UH grads and fans, this beautiful season of the 2011 Houston Cougar football team.

(3) For UT and A&M fans, gratitude for their long series as rivals – and in the hope that current bad feelings about conference changes do not spell the end of this annual Thanksgiving tradition.

NBA Fans …

(1) Pass on 2011-12. Check back with us next year, if there’s anything left to talk about.

Dynamo Soccer Fans …

(1) Thanks from Dynamo fans for the new downtown soccer stadium.

Collegiate Sports Fans ….

(1) From Rice Baseball, we say thank God for Wayne Graham and Omaha!

(2) From UH Baseball, we are shooting for Omaha too!

(3) From UH Basketball, we say thank God for our rebuilding model, Phi Slama Jama!

(4) From UH Rebuilding, we hope for enough additional money to get the stadium and facilities on a construction schedule, Coach Kevin Sumlin on a long-term football contract, and UH into a conference that draws greater respect and hope than C-USA.

(5) From Houston Baptist U, and St. Thomas U., welcome back variously to competition in football at HBU and several sports at STU.

(6) From TSU Football, “thanks for sharing the new stadium, Dynamo!”

Happy Thanksgiving 2011, Everybody!


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving, Houston Sports Fans!”

  1. Michael McCroskey Says:

    Can’t help but notice that you listed Carlos Lee’s contract will be up next year as a blessing. How ironic is that Karma? The next year we have to shop for a designated hitter!

    Let’s just be thankful for baseball.

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