Babies Sing Happy Birthday with DH Sweep!

Astros Icon Jimmy Wynn joined the Houston Babies Legion Yesterday and the club responded like their own version of the Toy Cannon in taking a DH sweep from the Katy Commerce and the Boerne White Sox by Pujolsian Cardinal scores of 13-2 and 18-3.

What do you give a septuagenarian decade vintage base ball club manager on his birthday? If you’re the Houston Babies 1860 era local club, how about two pile-driving wins on his birthday, wins win which 31 total runs were scored, for starters? Then, how about throwing in several batters who post insane hit totals on the day, two pitchers who go insanely lights out on the mound, giving up only 5 runs total by the opposition while some of the younger Babies roam the pastures at the George Ranch Field near Sugar Land like so many sure-handed gazelles, recording more one and no bounce outs than anyone bothered to count?

Houston Babies Manager even got a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB” sign posted by fans in his honor as all this success and beautiful weather in the country blended quickly into a perfect day. Hey! On a day when he could not have possibly wanted for more, Bob Dorrill even got a personal visit by former Houston Astro great, Jimmy “The Toy Cannon” Wynn, as his primary guest and Numero Uno Houston Babies New Fan!

Oh, one more thing, the Houston Babies DH Sweep allowed the club to remain undefeated during the 2011 calendar year season. That certainly didn’t hurt the mood elevation of the unflappable Mr. Dorrill either, but nothing probably helped more than the list of the unbe-fluidly-lievable individual accomplishments:

Kyle Burns, with his “Octavio Dotel Style Socks” went 10 for 11 on the day to OUT-WOW all other phenoms, but those incredible others were not that terribly far behind in the pack of old form baseball assassins. – Larry Joe “Longball” Miggins went 8 for 9; Bill Hale was 6 for 7 and Travis Laird rang the bell at 5 for 8. – Alex Hajduk arrived in time for a 2-home run game against Boerne while Larry Joe Miggins, Kyle Burns, and Travis Laird each also had single shot round-trippers on the day. Alex Hajduk also hit for the cycle by banging out a triple, double, and single to go along with his two homers.

Bill Hale was the winning pitcher in Game One against Katy, 13-2, and Larry Hajduk took the pitching victory in Game Two against Boerne, 18-3.

As a batter, Bill Hale also admitted to playing one potential home run into a double for the simplest, most logical reason. “It’s a long way to second base,” Hale explains.

Other key contributors for the Houston babies included Robert Pina, Robby Martin, Jo Hale, and Alex Schmelter. And not just “by the way,” our Jo Hale did pretty darn well for herself this summer. She played for a Houston softball club that won their national championship in a tourney of which found that found Jo Hale to be the competition’s Most Valuable Player – and just another reason that the ever-still-humble Babies are playing so great these days.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bob Dorrill! And Keep on Truckin’, Houston Babies!

Things are Looking Up, Mr. Dorrill. - Happy Birthday again - and thanks for all you do for both SABR and the Houston Babies!

The Houston Babies do not have another scheduled game until Saturday, May 5, 2012, at 10 AM at Katy Park on Avenue D in Katy as part of the Third Annual Katy Heritage Festival, but we are still trying to put together a league of four clubs to play on a regular league basis next season. Stay tuned for further developments.

We shall leave you today with a three-photo real person cartoon entitled …

Bill Hale on How To Throw a Vintage Fast Ball!

Panel 1: "You say you want to see my ancient white heat pitch?" - Bill Hale.

Panel 2: "Watch your head! Here comes the heat!" - Bill Hale.

Panel 3: "What day did you say Bill's fastball was due to arrive, Mrs. Hale?" - Katy Batter.


3 Responses to “Babies Sing Happy Birthday with DH Sweep!”

  1. mike Says:

    Conghrats. And a belated Happy Birthday to Bob.

  2. Marsha Franty Says:

    Congratulations to all the Babies! Belated Birthday wishes, Bob!
    Wish I could have joined in the fun…..too many other demands just now.

  3. Krystal Says:

    Thank you so much for coming this year and this wonderful blog post. Hope we can do it again sometime soon!

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