Skeeters Baseball Getting More Real by The Day

Startex Power Field in Sugar Land is Going Up: They've also added some lighting arc posts since these recent aerials were taken too,

I had a nice call from old friend Deacon Jones a couple of days ago. The Deacon is now involved full-time as a Special Assistant to the President of the brand-spanking new Sugar Land Skeeters Independent Atlantic League Baseball Club that starts play in its own new shiny digs in 2012. We had a local baseball research question to pursue together, along with fellow SABR member Tom Murrah. This is just a great time to be in love with baseball historical research in the greater Houston area. We’ve got more going on these days than you can shake a Babe Ruth big stick at – and we just keep coming up with new ideas and new people who are eager to chase down leads on what was true or false in baseball history – and all the way deep into the 19th century, if that’s how far back the question goes.

For now, at least, the energy of baseball’s local past and future seem to be feeding upon each other. Even as I write, and as you later, but sooner read these words, the muscle of new support for expanding the presence of organized professional baseball in the greater Houston area goes on out in Sugar Land. Startex Power Field, the new home of the independent Atlantic League’s Sugar Land Skeeters is going up on the plains south of the big City of Houston off Highway 59 South near the site of the old Imperial Sugar plant. Sugar Land is getting ready to field a team in 2012 as the newest member of the independent Atlantic League as a representative of the entire Houston community.

Offering good clean family fun, the Skeeters are not here to compete with the major league Houston Astros, but to augment the availability of the game as a spectator option for people who live inside the loop to those who have moved to the hinterlands of suburbia. New interest in the Skeeters can only amplify interest among people who have never previously even dreamed of going downtown to see a big league game. It is a win-win run for both the established MLB club and the new independent league venture.

If you are already an Astros fan, the Skeeters offer a tasteful picture of what the future of baseball may look like – and also a sketch on what minor league ball has always felt like on the intimate fan level. If you are primarily a new fan of the Skeeters, on the other hand, you are about to get an appetite-whetting taste of just how good the game can be played at the major league level (during normal times for the Astros).

The Doc and The Deac

Deacon Jones says that people are buying Skeeter season tickets like hot cakes these days and he advises interested parties to get on the website and take a special look for themselves at both the progress of construction and the offerings to fans that still exist during this early period of prime options on seating and special event arrangements. There is also a whole lot of contact information there on how you can get in touch with Deacon Jones (or just about anyone else who is connected with the Skeeters) by either phone or e-mail. And, hey – a five-minute talk with Deacon will just about make your day, anyway – even if you don’t buy anything.

Here’s the link to the Sugar Land Skeeters website:

Baseball is a great game – and one of the big reasons for its greatness is the presence of good people like Deacon Jones. Deacon Jones played the professional game at a high level – and now he represents the game at the highest level of gifting to others. When you speak with Deacon, he gives you the voice and soul of the game from the heart of all the caring that he has put into baseball over the period of his lifetime.

And as the old song goes: “Who could ask for anything more?”

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2 Responses to “Skeeters Baseball Getting More Real by The Day”

  1. Cliff Blau Says:

    The Atlantic (as in Ocean) League has seven teams ranging from Connecticut to Maryland, and one in South Texas?????

    Well, good luck to my fellow White Plains, NY native Deacon Jones.

  2. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Skeeters will be my local team if the Astros go to the AL

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