Menutis Party Now Booked to Capacity

"No More Room, Folks!"

The September 3rd Party in Lafayette, Louisiana honoring both the 87th birthday of former Houston and New Orleans club icon Jimmy Menutis is now booked to capacity for members of the general public who have not yet registered as guests and received in return a confirming invitation in the party by US Mail.

Here is how things work from this point forward:

General Public:  Only those registered guests with confirming invitations in hand will be admitted to the party. Regretfully, no new reservations by the general public are possible at this late date.

Old Friends & Menutis Customers: In the event that some old friends or customers have been lost at sea over the past few months, room will be found at the party table if these folks suddenly appear and contact the reservations line by e-mail only. The e-mail reservations address is:

Include your name, address, contact phone number, and a brief word on how you know Jimmy personally – or as a customer. Also, please specify how many people you are hoping to include in your late registration. Someone from the party arrangements team will then either get back in touch with you, or else, send you an invitation by US Mail.

For currently unregistered friends and customers, It is not enough to simply e-mail your intentions to attend into the preservationist. You must also receive an invite in the mail in return  to be admitted on the night of the party.

Walk Ups on the Night of the Party: People who show up on the night of the party with no official invitation,  or with no previously confirmed reservation, will not be admitted.  As all-embracing as the Menutis family is, they simply have to draw a line against making exceptions here – in fairness to all the other guests – and to the host whose life and music have made this special evening possible. Those of us around Jimmy Menutis do not want a single care or concern to get in the way of a night for great joy and celebration of his life and the music that filled it.

Bring Your Invites to Lafayette: For those of you traveling to Lafayette for the party, be sure to bring the invitation you received by US Mail because it is also your party’s ticket to admission on the night of the party. Think of it as you would any concert you ever attended. You have to have a ticket to go inside and take a seat.

Cool! That’s about it from here – for now.

In behalf of the Jimmy Menutis family, we thank you for your understanding!

4 Responses to “Menutis Party Now Booked to Capacity”

  1. Vern Jenny Says:

    please answer,Evelyn Johnson and Vern Jenny should be able to get into the party with only one invitation,is this correct.?I acknowledged via email that we would be in attendance but we only reveived one invite addressed to us both. Thank you, Vern

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      Not to worry. The one invitation to both of you will admit both of you if you registered as Evelyn Johnson and Vern Jenny both coming together. That’s why the one invitation was addressed to both of you in a single envelope..

      Bill McCurdy

  2. Jackie Gaudiano Says:

    We had dinner with 2 couples who were regulars at Jimmy’s club on Telephone Road. My husband and I are already confirmed but, they would love to come. Is there any way to get them in to the party?

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      We’ve been trying for months to get the word out to the general public about the party, but we always knew that it was going to book up eventually and that the doors would have to close on new reservations and that someone who would have loved to come would be unfortunately left out because they were late in getting the news. Regretfully, that’s the point we’ve reached. We’re very sorry. There’s just no way to expand the space alloted for members of the general public.

      Bill McCurdy

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