Houston Training Center Named for Jimmy Wynn

Dedicated on June 24, 2011 at Sylvester Turner Park in Houston.

The Houston Astros and Minute Maid have done it again, but this time, they did it with a great nod of acknowledgement for a man who probably has done more day-to-day community service in behalf of the children of this area than any other celebrity athlete in our community. And that man is the little fellow with the big bat and even bigger heart, “The Toy Cannon,” Jimmy Wynn.

The greater family of Houston Astros was there to help Jimmy Wynn cut the ribbon.

Everybody from Baseball and Business Presidents Tal Smith and Pam Gardner and their staffs was on hand Friday, June 24, 2011, to speak about and simply witness the opening the Jimmy Wynn Training Center that now stands open to service of Houston kids at the Urban Youth Baseball Academy at Sylvester Turner Park on Victory Drive off Little York on the North Side. Subsidized by the Houston Astros in Action group and their partner in the Grand Slam Baseball for Youth Program, the Minute Maid Corporation, the Jimmy Wynn Training Center became only the most recent new or refurbished baseball field or facility constructed annually in service to the youth of our area. Located primarily, or exclusively, in inner city areas, these facilities are making the game of baseball available and attractive to kids who would not otherwise have the places or equipment handy for choosing “the great American Pastime sport” as their own passionate athletic pursuit.

Jimmy Wynn & Friends, June 24, 2011.

In the picture above, that’s former Houston Buff and Colt .45 J.C. Hartman to the far left. Jimmy Wynn is the little guy, front and center in the white shirt, and to his left are former Astros Bob Watson, Scipio Spinks, Larry Dierker, and Jose Cruz.  Numerous current and former Astros, along with other big names in franchise operations are simply not here for this one picture. Also attending the dedication on Friday were General Manager Ed Wade, Field Manager Brad Mills, current players Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence, a few other former players like Norm Miller and Enos Cabell and, of course, Hall of Fame broadcaster Milo Hamilton.

A humble Jimmy Wynn thanked everyone, but his parents got most of the credit.

 Jimmy Wynn touched base with all the grace of one who truly means what he says. His gratitude begins with the God who gave him both the talent to do what he did, and the parents and family life that gave him the start that he needed. Jimmy’s gratitude is also his guide to serving the thousands of young Houstonians who may not have the kind of support base that started Jimmy and so many of us on our way. It is to these children, especially, that the work of this program is so important.

The plaque that now hangs affixed to the walls of the training center hangs there in dedication to the idea of reaching as many kids as possible with the idea of hope for a better tomorrow. As one of Friday’s speakers mentioned so strongly: The worst form of poverty is the condition of living with no hope for a better way of life.

The Jimmy Wynn Training Center is now a beacon of hope in a troubled world.

Sylvester Turner Park: "It's only a field of dreams when I can dream it for me."


4 Responses to “Houston Training Center Named for Jimmy Wynn”

  1. David Munger Says:

    Great tribute. America needs programs like this
    to get kids interested in playing the game again. Most of
    today’s youths think P.E. Class is where they go for Pizza and Eat Everything else.

  2. JW Says:

    Nice to see the “Toy Cannon” getting some recognition!

  3. Pat Mulvihill Says:

    Congratulations to Jimmy for this well-deserved dedication.

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