World’s Oldest Ex-Big Leaguer Turns 100!

Connie Marrero was born April 25, 1911 in Sagua LaGrande, Cuba.

Former major leaguer Connie Marrero, the world’s oldest living former major leaguer, turned 100 years old last Monday, April 25, 2011. He now lives simply in the home of a cousin in Havana, Cuba, but with all the remembered honor that his fellow countrymen and equally fervent Cuban baseball fans can quietly bestow upon him with a look and a smile, here and there, in the shrinking space of his everyday environment.

As the old song goes, Connie “don’t get around much, anymore,” but there was a time when he did, using his considerable pitching stuff to post a 39-40, 3.67 ERA record for the lowly Washington Senators back in a five-season career (1950-1954) during the Golden Era of Big League Ball.

Do the math. The heralded Cuban pitching ace was already near age 39 when he reached the American League to pitch for one of the worst clubs of the game – and back in the halcyon period of young Mantle and the great Yankee post-DiMaggio World Series machine.

Connie Marrero is the sixteenth former big leaguer to reach the century mark in age. The oldest survivor to date was Chester Hoff, who reached 107 years and 4 months at the time of his death in 1998.

Here’s a link to a good SABR article on the living list, plus those who’ve lived to reach age 100 as former big leaguers.

Congratulations, Senor Marrero!  You are what Ernest Hemingway had in mind when he wrote “The Old Man and the Sea. These days you even look the part.

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