Who Was Mayor of Houston When…?


Obscuria Houstonia Quiz #2?

Today’s second Obscuria Houstonia quiz reveals another catch to the answers: Unless a reader correctly identifies the answer in the comment section that accompanies the inquiring story post, the question will remain an unanswered enigma until someone does. Whenever correct answers occur, I will acknowledge them as replies to correct answers provided in the comment section.

These little ytivia excursions are intended simply for fun and some minor educational purpose on the subject of Houston’s more arcane historical facts. I have no interest or intention of running them all the time, but, when the whim strikes, look out. Here we’ll go again.

Today’s feature is totally about the history of Houston mayors. All you have to do here, if you are interested in trying, is name the ten mayors in Houston History who were in office when these identified events occurred? In each case, the mayor variably may have had something to do with the creation of the identified event – or, more likely, simply been the person in office when the thing expressed unfolded.

Obscuria Houstonia Quiz #2: Who was Mayor of Houston when…?

(1) …Houston selected it’s first mayor ever?

(2)…Texas joined the United States of America?

(3)…the State of Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederacy?

(4)…the original Houston Base Ball Club was founded in the city at a meeting on the second floor above J.H. Evans’ Store on Market Square?

(5)…the Civil War ended?

(6)…the city fielded its first professional “base ball” team?

(7)…the person who would hold that office longer than any other was first elected?

(8)…Houston launched both the professional football Oilers and the professional baseball Colt .45s?

(9)…Houston opened the Astrodome?

(10)…Houston opened the downtown baseball park first known as Enron Field?

... Good luck – and have a loving, blessed, and restful Easter Weekend too!

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2 Responses to “Who Was Mayor of Houston When…?”

  1. Tom Kennedy Says:

    Here are the answers.

    1. James S. Holman
    2. W. W. Swain
    3. William J. Hutchins
    4. William J. Hutchins
    5. William Anders
    6. Daniel C. Smith
    7. Oscar Holcomb first elected in 1921
    8. Lewis Cutrer
    9. Louie Welch
    10. Lee Brown

    This was a great challenge. Guess I was at City Hall too long. Tom

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      Great job! You were at City Hall long enough to get to be a real Houston historian.

      For those of you who don’t know him, Tom Kennedy is a Houstonian of many talents and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. He was a long time sportswriter and political beat coverage writer at City Hall for the old Houston Post before going into business as one of the most knowledgeable sports memorabilia collectors anywhere. He now also serves as Curator of the Houston Sports Museum at Finger Furniture on the Gulf Freeway and he also is the resident expert responsible for overseeing the recent improvements to the collection’s preservation techniques and display program.

      Now we have to add Houston Mayoral Record Expert to Tom’s many titles as the man who swooped in on the first day and devoured this little exercise in “Obscuria Houstonia.”

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