California High Schooler Has 4 Straight No-Hitters

Steven Perry Goes for His 5th No-No Thursday, April 21.

Incredible. A top California high school shortstop prospect has just boosted even greater interest in him as a pitcher by throwing his fourth straight no-hitter in a row in this 2011 season. The full story of Steven Perry is well enough told by Jonathan Wall of RivalsHigh@Yahho.Com at this link.

My interest is in what this kind of feat actually says about the young man’s ability and how much it says about his physical/mental/emotional development as it speaks for his superior pace and ability ahead of his peer competition. Some kids are simply superior to the others of their age group at a moment in time – and that’s a big factor in their performances beyond the pale of everyday expectation.

David Clyde was 11-15 with the 1978-79 Cleveland Indians.

Remember David Clyde of Westchester High School in Houston back in 1973? Clyde was great enough to be selected as the first pick in the draft that year and taken immediately from his high school graduation to the roster of the Texas Rangers. It was a decision based more on a pure   bloodthirst by Texas for doing something to spike attendance at the gate then it was any sound baseball decision that the kid was ready for the majors and that proved to be true with serious permanent consequences for the baseball future of young Mr. Clyde.

Clyde was 7-18 over three ineffective seasons with the Rangers from 1973-75. He then bounced out of the big leagues for a couple of years before coming for two final years with the Cleveland Indians in 1978-79, finishing his five-season MLB career with a record of 18-33 and an ERA of 4.63. Then he was done. At age 24, baseball was all over for young David Clyde of such bright hope.

You have to hope that nothing like that happens to the young Perry kid.

Highly touted pitcher Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals is still recovering from that torn ulnar collateral ligament that sent him to the DL last year. You hope his injury wasn’t hastened by his early call to the big leagues, although he was already 21 when he was taken by the Washington Nationals as the first pick in the 2009 draft. Strasburg also pitched his way through three minor league clubs in 2010 (7-2, 1.30 ERA) before joining Washington last year in time to go 5-3, 2.92 ERA before his arm injury that continues to sideline him into the 2011 season.

You just never know, but I really do believe that the “too much, too soon” pressure for some people increases the chance of injury, and especially with pitchers. Notwithstanding the fact that some people thrive on excessive pressure from the start, experience and observation of how that works in baseball tells me that, most often, pressure works in a damaging way upon young people. Before they have a chance to develop some wisdom about how to listen to and use their own strengths and weaknesses in the best ways, the naive desire to please takes over and causes many to play themselves into harm’s way.

In the meanwhile, it’s still hard to not wish young Steven Perry good luck when he goes for his fifth consecutive no-hitter tomorrow night.

No pressure there, right?


Every now and then, I’ve decided to add a fairly arcane and mostly obscure question about Houston history at the end of an article. The question may or may not have anything to do with today’s main subject and, as the only real hint I’m leaving today, the question for April 20, 2011 is pretty much totally disconnected from the subject of injury to early baseball phenoms.

If you know the answer to this one (OH Question #!), please record it here in the comment section. Whoever posts correctly first will hit my new “OBSCURIA HOUSTONIA” scoreboard with credit for a right answer. When we get enough right answers going, we may even start running an ongoing scoreboard. OK? OK.

Here’s OBSCURIA HOUSTONIA Question #1:

Who was Hamshire Fannett and what did he do to quietly memorialize himself as a true blue Houstonian?

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3 Responses to “California High Schooler Has 4 Straight No-Hitters”

  1. bob copus Says:

    not sure who he was, but they named a few schools after him in Jefferson County.

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