Good Egg Lance Goes 2 for 4 in Cards Opener

Good Egg Berkman

Lance Berkman is now the starting right fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals and the number 5 hitter in their lineup, backing up # 3 man, Prince Albert Pujols at first, and # 4 guy, Matt Holliday in left. How perversely the world does turn over all the days of our lives in this ongoing soap opera of major league baseball. Thank God we Astros fans did not have to go through this sort of thing with Jeff Bagwell or Craig Biggio. I’ll never forget how it felt in 1974, going to the Astrodome and seeing Jimmy Wynn there for the first time – as a Los Angeles Dodger. I was happy for Jimmy and the resurgence that the Astros trade for pitcher Claude Osteen produced in his career, but I felt the loss that thousands of other Astros fans felt. Now, to a lesser degree for some of us, and to a greater degree for others of us, we get to go through it again in 2011 over the returns to town of Lance Berkman with the Cardinals and Roy Oswalt with the Phillies.

Lance Berkman got started on the right foot offensively yesterday in the Cardinals’ home opening 5-3 loss to the San Diego Padres in eleven innings. He collected two singles in four official trips and scored one of the Cardinal runs. I have no take on how he did in right field, but I presume that side of his game went acceptably. There was no note of it in the brief Houston Chronicle report and the box score reveals that former Cubs second baseman, Ryan Theriot, now playing shortstop for the Cards, made the only error of the game.

We will just have to play through whatever happens and deal with it. The guys we have now are our 2011 Astros, for better or worse. And we would not have certain younger players with greater upsides had we not dealt away Berkman and Oswalt. Go. Happ! Go Wallace! (Just to name the two most prominent Astros newbies.)

All I can add is that life sometimes drops small favors upon us. Aren’t you glad, as an Astros fan, that we did not have inter-league play back in 1989 during Nolan Ryan’s first season as a Texas Ranger? Think that might have heated up interest in the now deadly dull annual competition between the Astros and Rangers for the Silver Boot Award?

Welcome back to Houston, Good Egg Lance! We’ll try not to scramble you too much while you’re back in town.

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One Response to “Good Egg Lance Goes 2 for 4 in Cards Opener”

  1. D Stewart Says:

    Lance was fine in RF but as will be LaRussa’s choice was replaced by Jon Jay for defense in the 9th. Didn’t factor into the result as Ryan Franklin spit up the lead and Theriot’s (The-Riot) error lead to the Padres winning run(s) scoring.

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