St. Thomas High Honors Father Wilson April 5th

St. Thomas High School, 4500 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas.

First of all, I need to clarify and apologize for any wrong impressions I may have left here about St. Thomas Baseball as a result of my March 6th column, “St. Thomas Baseball Show DisappointsThat being said, I did write then that “This was my first time out there since Craig Biggio took over as coach last year, so I really have no grounds for complaint about the way the game was presented at St. Thomas on Tuesday. For all I know, yesterday’s show-time (a March 15th game with Kingwood) was an aberration of spring break.”

My complaints were about the non-use of the public address system as anything but a music noise filler, the absence of attention to lineup changes and batting announcements, the missing pageantry of the pre-game National Anthem, and the fact that there was no concession stand service.

Yesterday I heard from Mr. Tommy Schulte, Director of St. Thomas Alumni Relations. Mr. Schulte had slipped on over to Father Wilson Field to check out my complaints at a game played this week. As it turns out, in short, the experience we had back on March 15th, indeed, was all due to spring break. With the general student population off doing their various spring break things, no one was there on campus last week to do all the little game attendant things that usually go with St. Thomas baseball as a matter of form.

Everything is back to super well done normal for St. Thomas this week.

Again, my apologies. I should have waited to check all this out with an informed source before I went to print. Although I did qualify my review issues as possibly due to spring break, I could have simply held back until the facts could be checked. As it were, I only decided to do the article after I arrived home. By then, I had been swayed by the weight of my worst critical thoughts. It’s a common affliction among those of us who spend most of our lifetimes in recovery from perfectionism.

Forgive me, St. Thomas folks. If I were not also a St. Thomas guy, and had the subject been anything but how to present a baseball game when you have in your possession all the tools to do it right, I probably could have held onto some objective restraint with my keyboard over a time frame that would have allowed for adequate fact-checking before publication. My bad, but it won’t happen again, not with St. Thomas, at least.


Father James Wilson, CSB

Now comes some long overdue happy news – and it’s news that also goes out as a special invitation to all St. Thomas alumni.


On Tuesday, April 5th, at 6:45 PM, immediately prior to a big game with district rival St. Pius X, St. Thomas will unveil and dedicate a bust of the late Father James Wilson, CSB at the campus baseball field that also bears his name. What you may not read elsewhere is the fact current Baseball Coach Craig Biggio was the driving force behind the development of this special honor to the man who put St. Thomas High School on the serious championship map in the State of Texas back in the early 1950s. After hearing stories about the impact that Father Wilson had upon the baseball program and generations of young aspiring scholar athletes, Coach Biggio wanted to see the school go a step further in honoring the good man who put so much positive energy in motion more than a half century ago.

So, the invitation is this simple. Come on out for a free look at the fine baseball team that Mr. Biggio has put together on April 5th – on a night that St. Thomas High School pays special tribute to the other man who put all this conquering energy together in the first place, the Reverend James Wilson, Community of St. Basil.

St. Thomas has won ten (10) State of Texas baseball championships at various levels of designated competition in 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1963, 1990, 2008, and 2011. The championship chain started with Father James Wilson. It goes on today with Coach Craig Biggio.

If you need an added incentive, here’s one for you: The first one hundred St. Thomas alumni who check in with Alumni Relations Director Tommy Schulte on the evening of April 5th will also receive a free alumni association t-shirt.

Who could ask for anything more?


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One Response to “St. Thomas High Honors Father Wilson April 5th”

  1. John Watkins Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event, Bill. Though I’m not a St. Thomas alumnus and did not know Father Wilson, I feel connected in a way because of Watty Watkins’ work with the Town House Buffs in the 1950s. Also, it is great to learn of Craig Biggio’s having taken over as coach — what an experience for those young ballplayers!

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