Jimmie Menutis Party Set for Aug. 6; Be There!

Houston's Cradle of Rock 'n Roll on Telephone Road near Wayside.

OK, Houston! We asked for it! Now we’ve got it and we can’t drop the ball!

Back on August 5, 2010, I wrote a column on the old Jimmie Menutis Club on Telephone Road near Wayside back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It truly was Houston’s “Cradle of Rock ‘n Roll” for so many of us who were coming of age in that era. Everybody played Jimmie Menutis’s place, from Chuck Berry to Sam Cooke to the Platters. You name them. – Jimmie booked them. And Houston fans had a 3-D, front row seat to the most dramatic era of change in American music history.

That article twanged a memory string that vibrated all over the place. Old JM fans came pouring from all those cracks in the walls of history to express their joy of that moment. And just when we thought it could not possibly get any better, out of the blue, we heard from Jimmie Menutis himself! The chords of happy celebration had somehow traveled all the way to the man himself – and suddenly we were all about direct contact with a talking, writing, expressive version of our years ago icon, There was even talk then of a reunion party.

Well, guess what, friends? There is going to be Jimmie Menutis Birthday and Anniversary Reunion Party after all. I just got the preliminary, settled news about it yesterday from Ruth Ann Menutis, Jimmie’s dear wife of 52 years, and we are all invited to attend.

The party is set for August 6, 2011 in New Orleans – a full year and one day from the date of our original discussion here on The Pecan Park Eagle. 87-year old Jimmie Menutis will be turning 88 around that time and he wants to share this moment with his friends and fans – and in a way that is befitting his memory and reputation.

Ruth Ann tells me that her husband may be 87, but that he looks 65 and enjoys excellent health. Jimmie loves people and the shared joy of good music danced and sung together. Our Houston fan base needs to show up for Jimmie this summer – and we can help best now by giving Jimmie and Ruth Ann our early show of hands on the personal commitment to be there.

Based upon the e-mail I received yesterday from Ruth Ann Menutis, here’s what I can tell you about the plan and the arrangements, so far:

Date: August 6, 2011, for sure.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana. The actual venue is still under review. It’s site depends upon a better firm estimate on the number of people actually coming. I understand that an 80th birthday party for Jimmie drew 300 people. This one is expected to be even larger.

Entertainment: The world-famous Platters will be there, for certain, along with an Elvis Band that is a Vegas favorite. There is another who may also be there, but I am not at liberty to say anything. All I can say is, if this “other” performer also comes, they had better rent a hall with expandable walls. – The family is also trying to contact former Houston disk jockey Paul Berlin to serve as master of ceremonies.

Cost: There is no charge for attending the party. People coming will have to pay their own travel and hotel bills, but the Menutis family is getting a block of rooms at a better rate for those who request first interest in making reservations.

Arrangements: If you wish to reserve a room through the Menutis family, or if you could simply let them know soon that you are committed to coming, please contact Ruth Ann Menutis at a reasonable time of day and communicate your hotel room needs and information on the numbers of people you expect to bring.

Contact information:

US MAIL: Ruth Ann Menutis, 110 Travis St., Lafayette, LA 70503;

Phone: 337-289-3000:

E-Mail:  rmenutis@brandedworksinc.com

This is a big deal, folks, and we who loved Jimmie Menutis need to do our part to make this whole bash a night for Jimmie forever. That starts with making it as easy on the Menutis family as we can with our arrangement needs. I will continue to update new developments here on The Pecan Park Eagle and to fine tune or change things as the Menutis family needs to change them, if necessary, as time goes by. For now, I would say their biggest need is getting the best read possible on how many of us are coming.

So, please spread the word to others who may not ordinarily see The Pecan Park Eagle. We can’t make a big deal out of Jimmie Menutis over the Internet and then miss his summer party in New Orleans. – Hey! This thing could be like Woodstock for Old Rockers, if enough of us show up.

You know what? I like the line I found earlier. It will be A Night for Jimmie Forever.


5 Responses to “Jimmie Menutis Party Set for Aug. 6; Be There!”

  1. Shirley Aldridge Says:

    Great! We are excited and plan to attend this wonderful celebration for Jimmie.

    Ron and Shirley Aldridge.

  2. Vern Jenny Says:

    Looking forward to it.

  3. victor ferrugia Says:

    let,s see now, about 1955 myself along with john maida and several others I just cant seem to remember who they were, made our way in my brand new 55 ford convertable from 4415 bell ave to the club on wayside. anyway count me in for the party whereever it is

  4. wayne Says:

    was there opening nite with”Fats”

  5. Linda Louvier Says:

    Jimmy gave us a great party every time we showed up on Telephone and Wayside. It was the place to be and we showed up a lot!
    It’s now our turn to show up for him.
    His greatest gift to us……..are the memories he gave us. I would’nt miss it.
    I hope all of my East End friends show up in New Orleans. It will be a Rockin good time.

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