Join Us for SABR Day in America on January 29

Larry Dierker SABR Chapter Leader Bob Dorrill (L) and former Houston Astros Manager Phil Garner are all smiles after a past monthly program meeting in Houston.

What is SABR?

SABR is an acronym (pronounced “saber”) for the Society for American Baseball Research. The non-profit, baseball-fun-dedicated organization was established in August 1971 in Cooperstown, NY by a fellow named Bob Davids of Washington, DC.  The Society’s mission is to foster the research and dissemination of the history and record of baseball in a way that honors accuracy and celebrates the game publicly.

Over the years, SABR has expanded all over the United States and into some American cell communities in foreign nations. Some members are dedicated to the development of better statistical methods for evaluating baseball achievement, but most members are simply deep blue fans of the sport’s narrative history and the annual pennant races.

You don’t have to be a stat-head or expert on anything to become a member. You simply need to possess a love for the game and a desire to hang out with people who share your interest in the sport.

What does SABR membership cost?

The annual membership fee for SABR is $65.00 person, however, people under age 30 and over age 65 pay only $45.00 per person. Cheaper rates are available for multi-year membership plans and a full detail on “how to join” is available online through SABR’s national headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio at,c,67,35 People interested in joining through the Larry Dierker Chapter in Houston may prefer to make contact with our local chapter leader, Bob Dorrill, by e-mail at – or simply call Bob at 281.361.7874.

What do SABR members get for the money?

Beyond baseball friendship opportunities and local programs that money absolutely cannot buy, SABR members get incredible support for any baseball research or writing they may care to undertake, plus free annual copies of SABR’s own research products and a chance to immerse themselves in baseball at the SABR annual national convention that is held every summer in a major American city. This year, the SABR convention is set for July 6-10 in Long Beach, CA.

The Larry Dierker Chapter in Houston gives member for a monthly speaker’s/light Dutch treat evening meal meeting with baseball people like Larry Dierker, and other former Astros like Jimmy Wynn, Norm Miller, Phil Garner, Kevin Bass, Chris Sampson, etc. The local chapter also includes Jimmy Wynn, Hall of Famer Monte Irvin of the old New York Giants, and Larry Miggins of the iconic Houston Buffs.

What is SABR Day in America on January 29?

SABR Day in America is an annual day in which SABR chapters all across the country meet on the same day to try and get the word out to the rest of you about SABR and how it may help you build an even fuller experience with your love of baseball. You don’t have to be an expert or ever take on anything in the way of formal research to join. All you need is a desire to get closer to the game. – Getting closer to the game is one thing that will happen for every person who joins SABR.

If you would like to know more, simply contact SABR or our local representative, Bob Dorrill – or – simply show up at our Houston Chapter meeting on Saturday, January 29th, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Houston Sports Museum on the Gulf Freeway (I-10 S) at Cullen Blvd. inside the Finger Furniture Store.

Mr. Rodney Finger of Finger’s and Mr. Tom Kennedy, HSM Curator, are our hosts that day – in the same museum that Rodney’s grandfather established back in the 1960s in honor of the fact that the store now sits on the site of what was once the ground that held Houston’s famous “Buff Stadium from 1928 to 1961.

Larry Dierker, Jimmy Wynn, Larry Miggins, and Monte Irvin will all be there for SABR Day so please join us. Come and immerse your soul in all things baseball. You will be among kindred spirits and welcomed with open arms. Don’t let this day slip by on some dryer pursuit when it could be one of the most fulfilling, important days of your life. All you have to do is show up.

Showing up. It’s half of what life’s fulfillment is all about.

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4 Responses to “Join Us for SABR Day in America on January 29”

  1. Dick "Lefty" O'Neal Says:

    My website should launch next Monday. It will be as listed above. I am going to try to make the SABR open house on 29 January if I’m in town. I am booking a lot of personal appearances and speeches for 2011. I would love to get invloved with SABR over here in San Antonio. See you soon I hope.
    Lefty O’Neal

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  3. David Munger Says:

    Count me in.

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