All Time World Series Wins Leader Board

Once upon a time, the Cubs even hosted a few World Series matches at Wrigley Field.

The World Series Record by Team or Franchise, 1903-2010 (as prepared on Wikepedia and reproduced here for the sake of easy, quick reference):

Team †
New York Yankees (AL) 27 2009 40 2009
St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 10 2006 17 2006
[Philadelphia/Kansas City] Oakland Athletics (AL) 9 1989 14 1990
Boston Red Sox [Americans] (AL) 7 2007 11 2007
[New York] San Francisco Giants (NL) 6 2010 18 2010
[Brooklyn] Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) ‡ 6 1988 18 1988
Cincinnati Reds (NL) 5 1990 9 1990
Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 5 1979 7 1979
Detroit Tigers (AL) 4 1984 10 2006
Chicago White Sox (AL) 3 2005 5 2005
[Boston/Milwaukee] Atlanta Braves (NL) 3 1995 9 1999
[1st Washington Senators] Minnesota Twins (AL) 3 1991 6 1991
[St. Louis Browns] Baltimore Orioles (AL) 3 1983 7 1983
Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 2 2008 7 2009
Florida Marlins (NL, 1993) * 2 2003 2 2003
Toronto Blue Jays (AL, 1977) * 2 1993 2 1993
New York Mets (NL, 1962) * 2 1986 4 2000
Cleveland Indians (AL) 2 1948 5 1997
Chicago Cubs (NL) 2 1908 10 1945
[Los Angeles Angels; California Angels; Anaheim Angels]
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (AL, 1961) *
1 2002 1 2002
Arizona Diamondbacks (NL, 1998) * 1 2001 1 2001
Kansas City Royals (AL, 1969) * 1 1985 2 1985
[2nd Washington Senators] Texas Rangers (AL, 1961) * 0 1 2010
Tampa Bay Rays [Devil Rays] (AL, 1998) * 0 1 2008
Colorado Rockies (NL, 1993) * 0 1 2007
Houston Astros [Colt .45’s] (NL, 1962) * 0 1 2005
San Diego Padres (NL, 1969) * 0 2 1998
[Seattle Pilots] Milwaukee Brewers (AL 1969; NL 1998) * 0 1 1982
[Montreal Expos] Washington Nationals (NL, 1969) * 0 0
Seattle Mariners (AL, 1977) * 0 0

* original league and year of origin for franchise teams.

When the New York/San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers in this year’s 2010 World Series, they broke a 7th place tie with the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates for 7th place all time in wins and entered into a 5th place tie with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers for 5th place at six wins each.

For the Giants, it was their fourth try since their last win in 1954 that did the trick. On three previous trips, all from San Francisco in 1962, 1989, and 2002), the Giants had fallen short, but not in 2010. The Boys from the west side of the bay put together a scrappy club of hungry veterans and talented youngsters to finally ring the bell for all those fans in NoCal that have supported them since they arrived on the west coast in 1958.

A quick glance at the results chart shows us that the World Series has never been visited by the EEOC. Only the best clubs get there and the New York Yankees have been able to afford more of the best players that make up these best best clubs than any other – and by far.  Those 40 World Series appearances by the Yankees are more than double the numbers compiled by their nearest rivals.

At least, the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers have reached now made it to a World Series, even if neither won. The Astros did it first in 2005, but the Rangers became the first State of Texas club to actually win a World Series game in 2010.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. That’s 102 years since they took their second World Series crown and 65 years since they made their 10th Series appearance in 1945. That Billy Goat Curse is powerful – and accountably much more far-reaching than that more famous Curse of the Bambino that haunted the Boston Red Sox from 1918 to 2004.

The list of existing teams that have never won a single World Series includes the Texas Rangers, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Colorado Rockies, the Houston Astros, the San Diego Padres, the Milwaukee Brewers, the current Washington Nationals, and the Seattle Mariners.

The Washington Nationals, a club that began life as the Montreal Expos in 1969, and the Seattle Mariners are now the only two existing clubs that have never even been to a World Series.

What is the probability that the winner’s trend we see here will continue to skew its way inevitably in the direction of the New York Yankees much more often than most other places? A lot of that answer hinges on which club Rangers ace Cliff Lee signs to play for as a free agent going into the 2011 season.

Baseball clubs that can afford to build the foundation can also build the house. Baseball clubs with a ton of money can buy the whole house, plus stockpile a lot of the materials that others might otherwise have used to build their own nice houses nearby.

At any rate, have fun staring at the list. It’s also fun to pay attention to trends you see about who’s been there lately – and who hasn’t been there in a very long time.

Congratulations again to the 2010 champion San Francisco Giants. They are having their hometown victory parade today – and they are taking the parade down the same route the 1958 Giants traveled on their “Welcome to San Francisco” parade back in their first west coast year.

Nice touch, San Francisco!

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One Response to “All Time World Series Wins Leader Board”

  1. Mark Wernick Says:

    Thanks for this summary, Bill. I’d say that over the years the Yankees have been fortunate to parlay a variety of elements into their 40 trips to the WS, money certainly being one of them. But I never tire of noting that a number of teams over the years have been able to spend as much or more than the Yankees without similar results, to wit: the L.A. Dodgers, the Orioles in the 80s and 90s and even more recently, the Mets, Red Sox, and Rockies all have dished out boatloads of money to prime free-agents without grabbing the big prize. The Yankees belong on that list also. Many recall George Steinbrenner blowing huge amounts of cash on expensive players who underachieved or never brought home a WS ring in NYC, including Dave Winfield, Kevin Brown, Ken Phelps, Danny Tartabull, Randy Johnson, Rickey Henderson, Kenny Rogers, Ed Whitson, Jason Giambi, and Carl Pavano, to name a few. Maybe Curtis Granderson will join that list, who knows? Mark

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