Pictures Don’t Lie, Not Much!

This apparent scene from the 1950s is actually a picture of model cars in a model town.

Remember the old adage that screamed “pictures don’t lie!” Wow! Especially with all the advances we’ve experienced in recent years with digital photography and computer software picture assimilation and enhancement programs, like Adobe Photoshop, almost anyone with an IQ rising above that of a flea and the interest to learn the technical ropes may now create a picture that has nothing to do with the truth from a factual standpoint.

Take another look at that lead photo of the old cars on the Main Street scene from Anytown, USA back in the 1950s. The skies are even drafted into the landscape with a differential smattering of blues skies and cloudiness that we expect to find in any realistic picture. The photo is one of about thirty and it is only when the human creator appears later in normal size among them that we fully realize as viewers that he is the first person we’ve seen in this little idyllic small town. (I will send all of that material to each of you as Fwd: Model 1950s Town. The original e-mail was sent to me by former classmate and good friend Vito Schlabra.)

Aside from mental photos we now all have as Astros fans of realities that include Lance Berkman as a Yankee, Roy Oswalt as a Phillie, and the Texas Rangers headed for San Francisco and the World Series, here is one of Derek Jeter that I find interesting. It shows what may prove out as the future of Mr. Jeter if he now holds out with the Yankees for a new five-year contract at this point in his career.

Joe DiMaggio once donned a Red Sox jersey and cap, but he was just clowning around.

That’s it for now. Look for that “Fwd: Model 1950s Town” e-mail shortly after you receive this one. It’s really quite impressive,

Have a pleasant Tuesday, everybody, and try to be true to whatever picture you’re attempting to create.


One Response to “Pictures Don’t Lie, Not Much!”

  1. neal brown Says:

    I like this, and especially the last line. Trying to create my picture for myself is a stress free atmosphere, daily appreciative for GOd’s works, paying attention to health, trying to keep in touch with loved ones, and enjoying each day to the fullest. I want to live like each day is the last day on earth.

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