“Toy Cannon” Publication Date is Oct. 8

“Toy Cannon: The Autobiography of Baseball’s Jimmy Wynn” by Jimmy Wynn with Bill McCurdy is scheduled for release by McFarland Publishing Company on October 8, 2010. The book is available now for pre-order copies, or on Kindle, through Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, and all other national retail outlets. No schedule has yet been established, but Jimmy Wynn will be available locally in Houston and elsewhere this fall for book signings at a variety of retail outlets that will be carrying this very honest and full life story of a great Houston Colt .45/Astro icon.

When Jimmy asked me to work with him as a supportive co-author on this project, back on Father’s Day 2008, I was equally thrilled and humbled by the invitation. The story had to be Jimmy’s, told in Jimmy’s words, but it had to deal with all the significant events of his life, not merely his many accomplishments on the field. That was the task we embraced together. In the process, Jimmy Wynn’s wisdom from his personal experience came pouring through on tape.

As we are hoping you will see for yourselves, Jimmy Wynn proved up to the task. Told in the first person point of view, Jimmy takes us through what his life was like growing up in Cincinnati, how he came to be signed by his hometown Reds, how he quickly came over to the new Colt .45s in a minor deal, how he survived his initiation into the big time at the hands of “The Dalton Gang”, Turk Farrell and Jim Owens, and how he fared in the hands of managers in Houston like Harry Walker and Leo Durocher.

Specifically, Jimmy also gives us a good long look at some of the life lessons that came for him the hard way through marriage and life on the road back in the “old days”, along with a strong eye witness view on what it was like to be there as a player during the salad days of the Astrodome, playing with guys like Joe Morgan, Don Wilson, Larry Dierker, Cesar Cedeno, and others.

The story also covers Jimmy’s personal account of the 1967 home run race he barely lost to Hank Aaron in 1967 and his personal view on the major long balls he hit in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, plus a very powerfully moving story of his last home run in the major leagues. That one is not as well known, but it needs to be. It came in Yankee Stadium on Opening Day, 1977. We’ll save the rest. The story is Jimmy’s to tell.

There are too many people to thank here for the fine production we think this book will prove to be over time, but we thank everyone appropriately in the book. We especially do wish to thank our friend Mickey Herskowitz here, both for his support and advice, and his fact-check reading of the manuscript, plus the wonderful Sumner Hunnewell for his design and development of the important Index feature, along with some significant help of his own on fact-ckecking. Finally, and more than a little, we also want to thank the entire staff of McFarland Publishing for transforming the editorial and production phases of “The Toy Cannon” into a process for making the book a sharper, more clearly told story.

If you are interested, here’s a link to the Amazon information page on ordering. Jimmy Wynn and I will be grateful to any support you care to give our project.


Thank you.

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7 Responses to ““Toy Cannon” Publication Date is Oct. 8”

  1. Anthony Cavender Says:

    Bill: I can’t wait to get a copy! Congratulations!!

  2. mike Says:

    FInally! Please let me know about book signing events. I want to get my copy the right way. 🙂


  3. Sumner Hunnewell Says:

    Thanks, Bill. It was a pleasure to index the book and help with a few fact checks as well. I think that anyone who enjoys baseball will enjoy Jimmy’s story, especially his insights on Don Wilson, the Astrodome, Harry Walker, Joe Morgan, Leo the Lip, life in Los Angeles, and Reggie Jackson. He also gives a nod or two to players that you probably won’t remember but really helped him along his way.

  4. Darrell Pittman Says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  5. Roy and Carlos Bounds Says:

    This is awesome!!!! What a legacy and testimony to many. We are very proud continue to press forward in the things of God as you recover all. WOW!!!! This is a must read for many sports fan. We can’t wait to read this one. Congratulations!

  6. Tom Bramswig Says:


    Will Mr. Wynn do a book signing for his new book.

    Thank you


    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      Yes, he will. Jimmy Wynn did his first signing three nights ago at the Nov. 9th monthly meeting of SABR. Others are expected soon at certain retail stores and Minute Maid Park at times and places, TBA. Thanks for your interest and support. I’ll keep you posted here as signing dates are arranged.

      Bill McCurdy

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