Coming Up for Air

Sacred Soil from Home Plate Area of Eagle Field, 1950.

Hello, Friends. My apologies for the little hiatus going on here, but the past two weeks have been hung up with two impossible-to-ignore facts of life. The first involved a writing project. The second was a flu-like virus that leveled me from head to heels for about a week. I am still recovering at my own pace.

It’s not over. I am about to make the road trip of my lifetime, one that will continue to take me away from my home-sweet-home Pecan Park Eagle site for about two more weeks, more or less. Our son Neal, our Hounds of Baskerville-like canines, our security system, and our good neighborhood nosey friends are guarding the castle for us, 24/7, while Norma and I drop out of sight for a little journey we’ve been ready to take for years.

More on that later.

Meanwhile, that little magic bottle in the photo is my short subject topic of the day.

The bottle is filled with soil that I dug up from the former home plate area of our sandlot heaven in Pecan Park, the place we kids renamed “Eagle Field” over a half century ago. I found the little frog figure nearby as I was digging up the dirt and just glued it on the bottle for the ride later on. It seemed appropriate. The old Eagle Field site was located so near the Japonica-Kernel Alley wide spot that we also named “Frogtown” for its once prolific population of Houston Toads.

Oh, that tarnished silver relic that’s draped over the bottle of magic dust? I found it in an old storage box recently. That’s my ID bracelet from that earlier period. It was designed to be there on me as a way of identifying my earthly remains in case any of our McCarthy Era sandlot games were unexpectedly rained out by an atomic bombing of Houston on some surprising summer afternoon. A number of us wore such items back then.

Thank God that atomic bomb thing never happened.

At any rate, all’s well now. Baseball is forever. And though I’m not, it appears, for now, I’m going to live, a while longer, after all. And the Astros youth and pitching competence crew and the mellow even-steven Mr. Mills all seem destined to floating hope for a near .500 season in spite of all our early club disasters and some sad farewells in 2010 to Roy Oswalt and Lance Berkman.

Look for further word from this little corner in about a fortnight. And while we’re all waiting for the World Series and the long pause into the the 2011 baseball season to show up again as the off-season, say a little prayer for some cool autumn weather.

We could all use the refreshment.

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One Response to “Coming Up for Air”

  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Hope that you are feeling better, Bill, and that you and Norma will enjoy a much-deserved vacation!

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