Gerry Burmeister: Five Times a Buff!

Gerry Burmeister, Catcher, Houston Buffs, 1941, 1946-49.

Gerry Burmeister was already in place as catcher of the Houston Buffs when I first plugged into paying attention to baseball back in 1947. He had joined the Buffs in 1941, returning after World War II to begin a four-season run as the main man with the mask in 1946. For the last three seasons of his Buffs tenure, I couldn’t imagine the day coming when some other guy would hold his spot. Gerry Burmeister was our man – the man who led and took good care of great Buff pitchers like Al Papai, Clarence Beers, Cloyd Boyer, Jack Creel, and Pete Mazar.

Burmeister was another of those talent-rich Cardinals farm hands of the post World War II era that never got so much as a single time at bat in the major leagues, but, as a catcher, he was extremely important to the parent club in bringing along mound talent for National League competition. A catcher with his field accomplishments in 2010 would surely be expecting a direct shot in the big leagues, but, as we always ending saying in some form – that was then and this is now.

The 6’2″, 205 lb. Gerry Burmeister was born on August 11, 1917. He’s been dead for several years now, but I simply do not hand that specific data on hand or accessible at this writing.

In his 13-season minor league career (1937-44, 1956-50), and all but the last year spent in the Cardinal organization, Gerry Burmeister (BR/TR) batted .275 with 66 career home runs. Those were pretty good stats for that era. Heck. They are pretty good production for a catcher from any era, especially one who managed pitchers well and also exercised pretty good control over runaway baserunner wannabes. Burmeister was a winner of the first order as a performer in the higher levels of minor league baseball back in the most popular period of public attention to professional baseball at every level of play.

Gerry Burmeister retired to life in the Houston area following his baseball career and he was a regular at old-timer games and Houston Buff reunions through the remaining period of his life. He was well liked and highly respected by all the former Buffs I know.

Caps are off to your memory this morning. Mr. Burmeister. As a kid who grew up watching you play as I tried to learn all I could about our wonderful game of baseball, I just want to say, “Thanks for the memories!”  And thanks for the lessons too!

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3 Responses to “Gerry Burmeister: Five Times a Buff!”

  1. David Munger Says:

    What a shame. He could have made some organization a TALENTED Manager or Coach.

  2. Leona Schroeder Says:

    I remember Gerry Burmeister as a youth and what a nice person
    he was to all of us kids in the neighborhood near Buff Stadium.
    He never failed to speak or wave to us on the way to the stadium.
    He certainly could have been an asset in the majors, as a player,
    coach or manager.

  3. James Turner Says:

    After reading these articles I was reminded of the many times my Dad took me to Buff stadium (we were there the night Bob Boyd came to the Buffs and I remember him having a good game). Does anyone know or remember Ken Boyer’s jersey number? I want Ebbets Field Flannels to make me a replica. Thanks

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