Quo Vadis, Craig Biggio?

5/15/10: The Craig Biggio-coached St. Thomas Eagles defeated Houston Christian, 7-5, in the finals at Waco to take the 5-A State of Texas TAPPS baseball championship.

It only took Craig Biggio two years to lead the St. Thomas Eagles to a state title in baseball, but he and the boys did it in typical Biggio-Astros style over the 2010 season, weathering a phase of doubt and coming back strong to fare even better than Houston’s professional standard bearers. The Eagles went all the way to the top, winning their 23rd state baseball title in the 110th year of the school’s history.

Biggio got involved in helping out as volunteer assistant coach with St. Thomas football while he was still playing for the Astros after his oldest son Conor Biggio entered the school as a freshman. Conor was followed two years later by younger brother Cavan. What a dream opportunity this all turned out to be for retiring super big leaguer Biggio – a chance to watch and even be involved in the ongoing education of his sons as young men and serious ballplayers.

Biggio accepted employment as the St. Thomas baseball coach on May 18, 2008. Three days short of two years later, on May 15, 2010, Biggio and Company were wrapping up that most special prize in Texas high school competition, a state championship. St. Thomas defeated season-long nemesis Houston Christian, 7-5, in the 5-A TAPPS state baseball championship finals at Waco to bring home that very special prize.

Craig Biggio (4th from right in red jacket) & St. Thomas Good Company!

Our hats go off to Craig Biggio and the gang from old St. Thomas (my old high school too) – along with all the questions that Craig Biggio’s coaching success at this level now adds to all those queries that continue to float around about his future as a major league manager.

After Craig Biggio’s probable first ballot induction into the Hall of Fame in 2013, will he be open to managing in the big leagues? If so, will it have to be a term with the Astros – or will he be open to other offers? – Or will Craig Biggio simply prefer to stay where he is – close to home and family, and close to the handles on his favorite charities and involvement in the Sunshine Kids Foundation? I’m sure that St. Thomas High School wouldn’t mind it either if Biggio decided to stay at the helm of our baseball program at STHS far beyond the years that his sons are enrolled as students. He brings class, positive energy, and success to everything he does.

The final answers to all questions about the future of Craig Biggio rest down the road – and that’s where I think he places them too. As with all the rest of us, his best choices rest firmly in the Hand of God – and in his ongoing discovery of God’s Will for him in this lifetime.

God Bless you too now, Craig Biggio, for all you do to make the Houston community a better place.

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3 Responses to “Quo Vadis, Craig Biggio?”

  1. David Munger Says:

    Having been lucky enough to have had my Dad and other Ex-Pro Baseball players as mentors, I can identify with this story. Other than the Chronicle writing occasional articles, Craig Biggio has kept a low profile at St. Thomas. It brings to mind what all these knowledgeable people, that mentored me, had in common. Son, I can teach you all the Baseball and situations you want to learn, but when you cross that white line your on your own. It looks like it worked at St. Thomas. Congratulations kids, and I hope to see Mr. Biggio in THE FIRST BASE DUGOUT we are all hoping for.

  2. Marsha Says:

    Another great article, Bill.
    And what a win/win situation for those fortunate young men and the illustrious Craig Biggio!!

  3. Mark Wernick Says:

    My son told me at a game last month where the Astros were excruciatingly lackluster, that since Biggio and Bagwell left, the team has no spark.

    I think it will take more than having them in the dugout as manager or coach to elevate this team, but it could be a step in the right direction.


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