The Image of Nolan’s Greatness Moves On!

For six years, he had lived in storage at the McCurdy house. Finally, on April 9, 2010, Nolan Ryan's Double had to be helped to the moving truck by Larry Dluhy (L) and Neal McCurdy.

Although I retired last year from my years of participation on the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame board (2001-2009) that moved the organization’s headquarters from Dallas to Houston, all of the TBHOF’s artifacts had remained in storage at my house until earlier this year. Yesterday, April 9, 2010, the last item made its way out the door for storage elsewhere when the life-size likeness of Nolan Ryan was removed by board member Larry Dluhy.

Based on the photos we took of this soon-to-be-long-forgotten moment, the following is a purely fictional account of how the move worked out at our house, the point of departure.

Bill McCurdy (R): "Nolan, I believe you know Mr. Larry Dluhy here. Well, Larry has come by today to take you for a ride in the back of his truck to your new home!"

Nolan Ryan: "Back of the truck, you say? Well, listen up, you guys. I don't think I want to do this. I drive a lot of trucks, but nobody's ever thrown me in the bed of a pick up with my Ranger uniform on and then wheeled me across town and down the freeways of a place like Houston! I mean too, I didn't have much space in Bill's house, but, it was an honest Texas home and I always knew exactly where I stood!"

Larry Dluhy: "Nolan, have I ever let you down? Aren't I the same dadgum collector guy who advised you a long time ago not to sign any long-term product deals until after you won your first World Series with the Angels? Then you went to the Astros and Rangers and I gave you the same advice two more times. Listen up again: If you don't get on that truck right now, you'll regret it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your life!"

Larry Dluhy: "Now you can do it, Nolan! Just relax and follow through!"

Nolan Ryan: "Well, OK, Larry, you talked me into it. I'll do it. Goodbye, Bill. Thanks for your hospitality. And thanks too for staying on as President Emeritus of the TBHOF in case I ever need you to come out of retirement to do a little more active "presidentin'." I also know that you don't want to go that route anymore and I respect your first wishes. Hopefully, we can finally put this thing together under new management with better economic times in the days ahead. You know, some folks think my likeness here bears a close resemblance also to former President George W. Bush. If that's the case, then I'm going out there from here to be a gitter-done-guy for the TEXAS BASEBALL HALL OF FAME. I won't rest my weary plastic bones until I can repeat these immortal words in hasty triumph from the always door-slammin'-hard Book of Dubya: .... 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

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