A Place Called Hope.

Coming Soon. A Place Called Hope.

Coming soon:

Springtime. Opening Day. Warm weather. The sound of baseballs crashing into wooden bats. Blue skies and white billowing clouds. The pop of baseballs coming to rest in limber leather gloves. The rich, sweet, and fat-enriched aroma of hot dogs grilling near the mustard bowl. Shorts and tee shirts and soft rubber soled shoes and Astro caps. Tickets to the game. Affordable beer and soft drinks (before the game). Scorecards and a No. 2 lead pencil. Roy Oswalt coming back strong as the Astros ace. Joel Castro getting to Houston fast as the second coming of Johnny Bench. Lance Berkman hitting again like crazy and making friends at first base with every enemy batter who reaches safely. Kaz Matsui playing second base as though he just dropped six years off his age. Pedro Feliz handling the hot corner like a Latin Pie Traynor from 1927. Tommy Manzella at shortstop, fielding like Adam Everett, hitting like a younger Miguel Tejada. Carlos Lee, still bopping the ball, but now light enough in left field to catch routine fly balls. Michael Bourn in center field, continuing to do what Gold Glovers with a hot bat always do. Hunter Pence, still smiling in right field, throwing out runners who dare to run, and hitting and tearing around the bases himself  with wildly passionate abandon and success. Brandon Lyon closing Astro games in a way that leaves us fans asking, “Jose Who?” We are living in a place that blossoms in hope. It’s called springtime.

2 Responses to “A Place Called Hope.”

  1. Ken Dupuy Says:

    You, baseball and spring are united!

  2. becky wyatt Says:

    thanks Dr. Bill – for another beautifully written sentiment! This is truly a ‘warm and fuzzy!” forwarding onto our son Steve who has acquired tickets to the spring training camp in Fla – he’s sooooo excited! Warmest regards.

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