A Monte Irvin Baseball Quiz.

Monte Irvin, Baseball Hall of Fame, 1973.

This little quiz focuses upon Hall of Famer Monte Irvin as the key to all its answers. If you are a deep water port baseball fan, it will be tough. If you are a casual fan to a non-fan, it will be impossible. Either way, don’t take the test, or yourself, all that seriously. Life isn’t fun for self-important people. And who needs that plague in particular or those boring people in general?

Just have fun with it.

The answers to this quiz are below. I wrote it honor of Hall of Famer Monte Irvin’s appearance and discussion at our December 2009 meeting of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. We didn’t get to the quiz until last night at our January 2010 meeting. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring the answer sheet with me, thus causing me to into brain-freeze on a couple of the answers until I got help from some of the members who hung with me long enough to take the test. I think that’s what Wee Willie Shakespeare had in mind when he came up with the phonetic expression, “hoisted upon my petard.”

This petard is a booger if you don’t have the answer sheet handy, but that will not be a problem here. The answers really are listed below. Just try to resist scrolling too fast past the opportunity of giving the quiz your best shot.

Before you take the quiz, please make a note of the built-in clue. Since I originally wrote the quiz to honor Monte Irvin, the answers to the ten questions, in order, are each preceded by the letters of his first and last names: M-O-N-T-E  I-R-V-I-N. These letters each represent the first letters of the last names of each person that is the answer to each specific question.

Got it? Good! Here is the question that applies to each of the ten “Monte Irvin” statements: What is the first and last name of the person we are talking about here? Remember, his last name will start with the bold-typed letter that precedes that particular statement. One more small hint: Each answer will contain the name of a Baseball Hall of Fame member, going all the way back in some cases to the 19th century.

M. He was no Bugs Bunny, but he had a lot of staying power.

O. His quirky batting style only got him into the Hall of Fame.

N. It’s not how fast you throw, but what happens when you do.

T. He was last National Leaguer to hit .400 in one season.

E. In 18 years, he played every field position and hit .303 life.

I. His middle name is Merrill, but call him “Mr. Murder.”

R. “The Hoosier Thunderbolt” won 31 plus, 4 straight years.

V. Reached the HOF with only 197 wins from 1916 to 1935.

I. Invert Route 66 upside down for his MLB career HR total.

N. Won 30 plus 7 times and won 361 games in MLB career.

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M. Rabbit Maranville

O. Mel Ott

N. Phil Niekro

T. Bill Terry

E. Buck Ewing

I. Monte Irvin

R. Amos Rusie

V. Dazzy Vance

I. Monte Irvin

N. Kid Nichols

Monte Irvin Notes: During his eight season MLB career (1949-56), Monte Irvin compiled a career slugging average of .475 and a career batting average of .295. His best season for a high batting average was 1953 when he hit .329. On February 25, 2010, God Willing, Monte Irvin will celebrate his 91st birthday.

Early Happy Birthday # 91, Monte Irvin, and thanks too for all the happy memories you’ve brought to us by your willingness to spend time with our SABR group. As a piece of baseball history, that two-hour DVD we did of you and Larry Dierker with interviwer Dave Raymond at our December 8, 2009 SABR meeting is a treasure that reaches far beyond all of our lifetimes as an item of historical value.

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  1. Bill Gilbert Says:


    I got 5. Is that a passing grade?

    Bill Gilbert

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