Your Time Machine Choice.

Here's your vehicle. Where do you want to go?

Remember that 1960 movie, “The Time Machine,” starring Rod Taylor and based upon the famous 1895 novel by early sci-fi writer H.G. Wells? The story basically unfolds as an early example of a theme we would see in many books and movies to come about man’s limitless capacity for greed and self-destruction. The blockbuster movie hit, “Avatar,” qualifies as the latest example of that heavy beat, but that theme has nothing to do with my interest in bringing you the time machine premise this day.

My question is simple: If you possessed the ability to travel back through time, with or without a HD DVD video camera, for a 24-hour trip to any point in American History, or your personal history, from October 12, 1492 forward, just once, where would you go?

Think a bit before you answer. The choice is yours. It could well be to a time-point in which they had no recording devices. It might be to a major event  in this nation’s history. It could be to a big moment in invention, sports, or the arts. It might even be to an event that wasn’t recognized as important at the time. Or it could be to a moment that only had importance to your personal history.

You pick it. Pick it because it’s important to you and it will be the trip of a lifetime.

Oh yeah. The usual principles of time travel prevail here. You will have no power to change anything. In fact, you will be invisible and also exempt from the usual laws of physics that govern trans-solid state mobility. Like a ghost, you, and any equipment you bring with you, will have the power to pass through walls and not be harmed by such moving objects as speeding vehicles that would ordinarily flatten and splatter other living matter. You are only there to witness, vicariously experience, record, and hopefully learn from a more direct experience with public or personal history.

The creative fun of today’s blog is now in your hands. If all or most of you readers are willing to briefly report on your choices as comments below, the sum of these ideas could be of interest to all of us. If no one responds, than I will just have to plead guilty of overestimating people’s willingness to share their positive inner wishes within the safety of this non-threatening civil forum.

I’ll  try to stay 100% out of the way. The only comments I won’t ignore are those that amount to little more than expressions of prejudicial hatred and violence toward others. Those kinds, should  they occur, will be deleted. Everything else is welcomed.

Have fun. Even if you elect not to share, I hope you enjoy and benefit from the trip you select for yourself.


4 Responses to “Your Time Machine Choice.”

  1. Bob Blair Says:

    I would like to revisit the day that I was baptised as it has taken 50 years to come to realize that day’s importance in my life.

  2. Phil Holland Says:

    Send me to Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina for the first airplane flight by the Wright brothers. I believe it was December 17, 1903. There was a local man involved helping the Wrights who my father used as a fishing guide in the mid 1940’s. My brother and I were involved in that fishing trip. It would be interesting to me to visit the day of the first flight, witness the proceedings, and get to see the people.

  3. Bud Says:

    Bill, at my age my choice has to be a personal one. June 9, 1939. Nine years old. What’s the best day of the year, better than Xmas or Easter or birthday or any other day. Last day of school, of course. Warm, bright. June day, finished with 4th grade. Put the books down. Nothing to do for 3 months but have fun, play baseball at the vacant lot, walk to the zoo, etc. Go out to the “country” every Thursday afternoon with my grandfather. We had a 3 car garage and I was allowed to write graffiti on the walls with chalk. I wrote the date and my version of a biplane like the one Erroll Flynn piloted in “Dawn Patrol”. Where can I get one of those machines?

  4. Art Audley Says:

    Bill, the link to this column has been languishing in my inbox for over a month now, with me trying to think of an appropriate response.

    My first selfish impulses were to either pick October 10th of 1924 to be around for the Washington Senators only World Series victory celebration, (Long before my birth.) or as a lifelong railway enthusiast, to go back to sometime in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s to be able to view steam locomotives, passenger trains and troley cars/interurbans before the decline of the American railway.

    However, after giving the matter some more thought, I’d like to go back to any of those family celebrations of my youth when my beloved maternal grandparents and my mother were still alive, just to be able to spend one more afternoon and evening with people I loved. Those were truly happy times but I was too young to fully appreciate them then.

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