Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We live in that home where the buffalo roam!

As we move into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this blog will shut down for a couple of days in honor of the season, and also out of respect for the attention I need to be paying to out of town guests. We’ll be back to what passes for normal around here on Saturday, December 26th. In the meanwhile, I’d like to leave all of you dear friends and readers with my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a most safe, peaceful, and happy holiday season. My stocking-stuffer presents are these few additional “baseball-as-a-metaphor-for-life” thoughts that occur to me on this Christmas Eve eve. Hope you find some of them useful:

(1) The role of love and loyalty in friendship and marriage: They are the double play in life that we cannot win without. Take away either – and nobody survives the troublesome inning that’s coming somewhere down the line in the game.

(2) Sometime in life, usually when we are least expecting it, we are going to be faced with some kind of situation that feels like s squeeze play. We need to play the game of life all the way out with our eyes wide open, our wits totally about us, and with as much mental agility as we can bring to the possibility of a dribbler coming at us down the line with everything we’ve worked for hanging in the night air and depending on how we handle matters at a critical time. We won’t win ’em all. Nobody does. We just have to stay on our toes andd know that we’ve given everything we do our honest best effort.

(3) Much has been written to compare life with the long season of baseball, but there is a big difference that nobody seems to field. In baseball, no matter how tough the schedule is, your opponents line up to play you in serial form, one game at a time, one day at a time. In life, several foes may show up on the same day at the same hour, and you won’t be saved from any of them by a manager who watches your pitch count. You will have to take on your son’s flu, your spouse’s cancer, your own heart attack, the loss of your biggest job, other  problems with your spouse, kids, family, in-laws, and neighbors, your personal addictions, and a dead car battery that keeps you from being on time to a new job interview – and sometimes all on the same day. So how do win?

Sometimes we don’t win, at least, in terms of how we may see winning with our egos on a particular day.

All we can do is try to stay honest with ourselves and throw as hard as we can for as long as we can at the things we can do something about. We can’t do the impossible. Things are what they are. And we can only do what we can do. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

Life is not like Baskin & Robbins, with problems coming into our lives and taking a number until we can get to them. Problems in life have a habit of coming in packs. All we can do is get better at learning to recognize which ones we can do something about and spending our energies there.

No Rollerskating Allowed in This Tree!

(4) When all is said and done, few of us who love baseball will ever abandon hope for the kind of redemption that may come our way via the “Grand Slam” in the later innings of either baseball or life. We are basically romanticists at heart and, for many of us too, our cups runneth over with magical thinking about the salvation that cracks into our lives  instantly and majestically off the wood of the bases-loaded long ball. We can always see it again in the minds-eye memory of these great moments from past games – and from these we dream all the more of it happening again, in baseball and in life. For those of us who have known this joyful experience at any level of play, the Grand Slam is always remembered and never forgotten. Never.

(5) Enjoy the love that is always trying to find its way into our lives everyday in so many forms too, folks. Like baseball, true acts of love are forever, and they are coming at us daily in new forms and through old reminders all the time. Like baseball, we just have to remember that true love never goes away.

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4 Responses to “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

  1. Wayne Williams Says:

    Thanks for the good words Bill, and Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010 to you and all your family,
    Wayne Williams

  2. Daniel Wayne Williams Says:

    I too believe Baseball is a metaphor for life that is why every year I play softball to remind me! The similarities are amazing from never quiting to enjoying the big inning. (last year we scored 19 runs in one inning with only one HR) Like life we must do the best we can on every play and win or lose that is all God can ask of us. AAAaaahhhh the double play of life can be a rally killer, however you can score a lot of runs with two outs as the relievers in the playsoffs found out this year. Maybe I’ll have to start a blog then maybe my Dad would write to me too! Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!
    ps I often ask myself if I’m the type of person who tries to coax a walk with the bases juiced or am I up there hacking! The answer is always ‘You can’t be the hereo unless you swing the bat, after that it is in Gods hands where it needs to be!

  3. Serge Masse Says:

    Dear Bill,
    Baseball and sport in general is great.
    However nothing is equal to a long lasting frienship.
    Me and Ginette wish you and your family a most happy holiday season.
    Peace and love.

  4. Joseph Biundo Says:

    Bill, thanks for the wonderful thoughts and writing. I wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a very enjoyable and healthly New Year.

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