Our Christmas All Stars!

Because of the thousands who have  come and gone as big league ballplayers since the 19th century, it’s always fun to come up with new all star  teams along infinite theme lines – and what an opportunity we have before us this week as Christmas comes our way. The following is simply my humble offering along those lines.

Larry St. Dierker, Manager, Christmas All Stars

It shouldn’t be hard to figure that most of the players (everyone but starting pitcher Rick Wise) on our Christmas All Star roster didn’t get there on the basis of their on-the-field productions and/or longevity as major league baseball players, but as names that fit the aims of our theme.

Wish I could have found a “Mary” or a “Madonna” somewhere in the mix, but even baseball has failed to travel that liberally varied  a surname lane.

The ones we did sign up all fit fine, and their numbers on the roster, as well as their presences in the starting lineup. are neither the products of accident. There are  two major “numbers” factors built into both the  roster total and the lineup composition that should jump out at you as that obvious, but you may have some other players in mind that you feel deserve to be on the team. If so, please post them below as comments to this article.

Have fun with the data!

Our Twelve Men of Christmas All Stars Roster includes …

P: Rick Wise (1964, 66-82) 188-181, 3.69 ERA

P: Dave Jolly (1953-57) 16-14, 3.77 ERA

P: Al Clauss (1913) 0-1, 4.75 ERA

P: Keith Shepherd (1992-93, 95-96) 2-5, 6.71 ERA

C: Steve Christmas (1983-84, 86) .162, 1 HR

1B: Pop Joy (1884) .215. 0 HR

2B: Casey Wise (1957-60) .174, 3 HR

3B: Mike Lamb (2000-08) .277, 69 HR

SS: Omar Infante (2002-09) .264, 37 HR

LF: Ron Shepherd (1984-86) .167, 2 HR

CF: DeWayne Wise (2000, 02, 04, 06-09) .218, 17 HR

RF: Rick Joseph (1964, 67-70) .243, 13 HR

Our Christmas Morning Game Batting Order is …

Rick Joseph, LF

DeWayne Wise, CF

Mike Lamb, 3B

Omar Infante, SS

Ron Shepherd, LF

Pop Joy, 1B

Casey Wise, 2B

Steve Christmas, C

Rick Wise, P

Have a great Monday before Christmas week! Hope you have your shopping done!

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2 Responses to “Our Christmas All Stars!”

  1. Slamdunk Says:

    Very creative–Steve Christmas has to be the team captain. The only possible addition I could find on short notice was Pitcher Al Clauss.

  2. Sue Says:

    Buff, I love this! Elysian Fields Quarterly used to offer a themed line up in each issue; I always turned to that page first. I think you have outdone Elysian Fields here! Thanks for giving me something to smile about as I decorate the tree three days before Christmas. Have a Merry and a Happy! ~ beetle

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