A Short Baseball-For-Fun Quiz.

(1) If the great Negro Leaguer Josh Gibson really was the black version of Babe Ruth, and vice versa, what would be a good right-on-target nickname for the white version of Josh Gibson? How about …”The Cracker Jacker!”

(2) When former Astros slugger Jimmy Wynn throws a big celebration weekend, what do they call the small dinner-dance party that highlights festivities? Why, they call it “The Toy Cannon Ball,” of course.

(3) Whenever former Astro phenom Rusty Staub had a really bad night of batting at the Astrodome, he was allowed to leave the ballpark by way of a private exit in an attempt to escape the media. What was this private exit appropriately called? What else could it be? They called it “The Rusty Gate.”

(4)  (And here’s a Harry Kalas favorite): Milwaukee Braves reliever Mel Famous once had a beer right before he was called into a game at the Astrodome in 1965. Pitcher Famous lost his usual pin-point control. He proceeded to issue a four-pitch base-on-balls to Nellie Fox of the Astros that forced in the winning run for Houston in the bottom of the 13th. And what did Fox say about that beer, once he later learned about it? Answer: “Well, I guess that makes it the beer that made Mel Famous walk me!”

That’s it for now. It’s Saturday morning and I’m long on errands and short on good ideas. Hope you each scored perfectly on all four questions. Here’s one more riddle of a football nature, just in case you are doing this one with your girl friend, wife, or best bud and need a tie-breaker. The first three here were mine, but like the more famous Mel Famous line, I can’t take credit/blame for this one, but I sure would’ve been happy to do so, had it first occurred in the slightly less dazzling humor chamber of my old porcupined brain. I think I wrote about this one several days ago, but nothing has changed to alter its veracity by way of another passing NFL weekend:

Question: What’s the difference beween the Houston Texans and a dollar bill?

Answer: You can get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

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5 Responses to “A Short Baseball-For-Fun Quiz.”

  1. Sumner Hunnewell Says:

    From Bennett Cerf’s Treasury of Atrocious Puns:

    One of the toughest umpires in the major leagues had officiated through two tedious, extra-inning games in a sweltering midsummer Sunday doubleheader, and was in even a fouler humor than usual when he barged into this home after 8 P.M. The sight of his curly-headed, rosy-cheeked little five-year-old son softened the grizzled arbiter’s heart, however, and he proposed, “Come over and sit on my lap my boy, and I’ll tell you about the latest adventures of Batman.”

    The boy was not intrigued. In fact, he hollered, “Get away from me, you old goat!”

    All of which proves anew that the son never sits on a Brutish Umpire.

    ….send all rotten fruit to Sumner Hunnewell, 2030 San Pedro Dr….

  2. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Thanks, Sumner. – Mark Wernick contributed this response by e-mail. I couldn’t resist adding it here:

    “Reminds me of the Jim Deshaies broadcasting classic when the Cincinnati outfield consisted of Chris Stynes, Dmitri Young, and Mike Frank. “The Reds are playing their Young Frank and Stynes outfield tonight.” – Mark Wernick.

  3. Serge Masse Says:

    When Rusty Staub was playing in Montreal (remember the Expos ) he was called the Big Orange.He was loved by all the fans.

  4. bbprof Says:

    I always thought that it was “the beer that made Mel Famey walk us!” Mel Famous looses the rhythm of the the beer that made Milwaukee famous. Famous and walk us militate against each other in a cacaphonous juxtapositioning of the words.

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