Speaking of Fingers…

"Have a Nice Day, Buffalo Bills!"

What was Bud Adams thinking last Sunday in Nashville?

His NFL club, the Tennessee Titans, had just dispatched the visiting Buffalo Bills, 41-17, for their third win in a row and all looked well for America’s favorite hillbilly team. Why oh why then did the 86-year old Budman suddenly feel the need to rise from his suite box seat and issue the visiting Bills the universally unpleasant one-finger salute goodbye, serially, and with both hands?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell just happened to be present in Nashville for the game and had spent most of his time on Sunday watching it with Adams from his private suite box on the upper level of the stadium. Goodell had left Adams in the 4th quarter to smooze a little time away with fans before game’s end. He did not see the actual salute performance, but he sure got a load of the images made available to him later from some fan in the lower deck’s cell phone camera.

As a result of all these circumstances, Commissioner Goodell quickly levied a fine upon Titans owner Bud Adams of $250,000. Wow! That works out to a quarter million dollars, or, breaking it down, $125,000 a finger! The fine also derived an apology from Adams to everyone in the conceivably offended universe as he waxed away also on the notion that his actions were among those that never should have happened in the first place.

Gee whiz! You think so, Bud? ‘Cause if you do, that’s a monumental piece of insight all onto itself! It never should have happened in the first place, but what the heck. You’re only 86 years old, going on 87. You’ve got plenty of time to reckon with the basic questions that face us all on the spiritual plane. May as well get cranked with anger and spite in the meanwhile and either curse or one-finger salute someone else’s football team for losing to or beating up on your own club while there’s still plenty of time to waste.

The one-finger salute is a lot like drinking too much. In fact, those two human events often go hand-in-hand down the aisle of violent promise. They are things some people do to punctuate both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the face of some identified enemy. Even though they seem to be very different actions, one arising from celebration and the other emanating from consternation, they are really the same thing – and they each are expressions of violence. One salute says “take this for what I did to you” and the other says “take this for what you did to me.” Both are put forth like bulletin board material to further inspire the anger and desire for revenge that will dominate our next meeting on the field of battle or play.

Sometimes the one-finger salute comes in the form of a few more muscles being put into play then the few it takes to raise the big digit on either hand. Bud Adams knows about that kind of salute too. Back in the mid-1990s, when the city refused to finance Adams’ plan for a new stadium downtown to house his Houston Oilers, Bud gave us all a much more painful version of the one-finger salute. He took his NFL team out of Houston and turned them into the Tennessee Titans.

Keep that in mind when the Titans come to town next Monday night to play our Houston Texans, folks. – It’s time to salute Bud and the boys again.

"When you're smilin' - when you're smilin' - the whole world smiles at you!"

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  1. traintrack Says:

    Maybe it was for hussien obama

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