Baseball Quiz No. 1

question-mark1aI’ve something different for you this morning. It’s just a little ten question baseball history quiz. It’s really not all that hard. Just pay attention to what you are being asked and what you see. If you’ve followed baseball at all, and if you’ve done any baseball history reading, you should be able to get all ten answers right.

Have fun:

1. Frank Mancuso and Bobby Bragan were only two of the 37 major league catchers to receive for this starting pitcher over the course of his MLB career. Who was he?

2. He and Al Benton were the only two pitchers whose MLB careers spanned the eras of both Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Benton actually faced both Yankee legends. This second man just never got a chance to face Mantle. Who was he?

3. This man and Jack Powell are the only two pitchers in MLB history to have won more than 200 big league games and still finished their careers with a sub-.500 winning percentage. Who is he?

4. Who was the last big league player from the 1920s to still be playing at that level in the 1950s?

5. In poet Ogden Nash’s “Lineup for Yesterday,” he is the only player mentioned who didn’t make it to the Hall of Fame. Who is he?

6. What pitcher won 30 games for the Los Angeles Angels of the Pacific Coast League back in 1933?

7. He pitched for 9 distinct MLB franchise clubs over the course of 17 changes of big league team affiliation during his career. Who are we we talking about here?

8. He won exactly 20 games in a season twice as a big league pitcher, but he lost exactly 20 games in a season three times as a major leaguer. Who was he?

9. He is the only pitcher to play for one big league club on five separate occasions? Who is he?

10. He and Ray Kremer of the 1930 Pittsburgh Pirates are the only two big league pitchers in history to win 20 games and still post Earned Run Averages of over 5 runs per nine inning game over the course of a single season. Who is he?

When someone has posted the winning answers to all ten questions below as a comment on this quiz, I will confirm the winner with a comment post of my own.

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7 Responses to “Baseball Quiz No. 1”

  1. Serge Masse Says:

    I have none of the answers.

  2. shaun bijani Says:

    i know #1….i think….its gotta be Bob Feller!

  3. Art Audley Says:

    I’ll take questions number 9 Alex!

    Louis Norman (Bobo) Newsom spent 5 seperate stints with the Washington Senators. (Reportedly he was a favored cribbage partner for Senators owner Clark Griffith.) In a major league career that spanned from 1929 through 1953, Newsom was probably the most travelled player in baseball history. In addition to the 5 stints with the Senators, Newsom played for Brooklyn (twice), the Chicago Cubs, spent 3 stints with the St. Louis Browns, the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, 2 stints with the Philadelphia Athletics, the New York Yankees and the New york Giants. All this in an era before frequent flyer miles.

  4. Art Audley Says:

    Okay Bill, I bit hard when I first looked at this because I knew question number 9 but in reviewing the stats I’m beginning to think that the answer to every question is Bobo Newsom. Correct?

  5. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Hi Art!

    Yes, Bobo Newsom IS the answer to all ten questions, but I have to give original credit to Mark Wernick of Austin, who e-mailed me that same conclusion this morning at 8:55 AM. I’ve just been holding off to see how many others might come to the same realization, but no more. Mark Wernick and Art Audley are the only ones to get it right.

    My only visual clue may have been too subtle to help, but the question mark up top is accompanied by just one man. i.e., One man is the answer here to all.

  6. celtic tarot Says:

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  7. Lorraine Lambino Says:

    Ain’t no-one can stop the mighty Athletics!

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