“Houston in the 1920s and 1930s” Book is Great!

Sloane HoustonSome of you know about the Sloane Family. Their photographc gallery at 7616 Fondren in Houston has been offering the visual history of early 20th century Houston for quite a few years through singular prints and now – Story Sloane III has put together, in words and pictures, and through Arcadia Publishing Company, one of the finest quick views of life in Houston during the 1920s and 1930s that’s ever been produced.

The book is available at Brazos Bookstore on Bissonnet in the Rice University area and most probably at the other local chain bookstores too. If you wish to order a signed copy, give Sloane’s a call (713-782-5011) or check them out at their website, http://www.sloanegallery.com/ .

The book offers many photos I’ve never seen anywhere else, and on such chaptered subjects as Main Street; Home Life; Working for a Living; Houstonians at Play; Community Life; Getting Around Town; and Oil.

Oil? Yeah! Remember? We used to be an oil town, but this book isn’t simply another glorification of the oil capitol of the world days. This book features the work of Calvin Wheat and other professional photographers on all aspects of  Houston life. As an amateur photographer, I am figuratively blown away by the composition and high technical quality of these works.

I won’t attempt to show you any of the interior shots here due to copyright considerations, but this cover photo of all these school children standing in front of the old Metropolitan Theatre on Main near Lamar will give you a peek at what’s inside – where it simply gets better and better. Sloane even features some photos of our old Houston Buffs Texas League baseball club that even I, a relentless Buffs artifact collector,  have never seen. For me, finding any new view on the old Buffs is sort of like finding a new time warp crack trail into full escape into the era depicted. I just love the heck out of that experience of the soul – and I’m also mindful of the fact that old photographs are our time machine into history. – Wouldn’t it have been great if, at least one spirited citizen had been able to take and use a digital camera at San Jacinto in 1836 – or, say,  at Gettysburg in 1863? How about a small digital video camera too? While we’re lost in that dream doorway of what might have been, let’s not forget the history of sound, either.

Fortunately, the Sloanes were collecting photos and valuing the history of “our town” for most of the “coming of age” era  in 20th century visual-image-capture technology.  If you also like this sort of thing, this little book will light up the sky in the park areas of your imagination too. At $21.99, I think  it’s well worth the price.

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2 Responses to ““Houston in the 1920s and 1930s” Book is Great!”

  1. anthony cavender Says:

    Bill: This book has a photo of Guy Savage, who worked as an announcer for KTRH in the 1930’s. He was later the radio announcer for the Houston Buffs in the 1950’s, on another station.

  2. review ethernyt Says:

    review ethernyt…

    […]“Houston in the 1920s and 1930s” Book is Great! « The Pecan Park Eagle[…]…

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