Who should be the Next Astros Manager?

This poll will stay open through the time the Astros actually make their final decision. Weigh in here with your vote and comment

Should it be interim manager Dave Clark that gets the call? How about one of the Astros icons? Or a top level coach who knows the National League?

Please speak your mind with a vote and comment.


3 Responses to “Who should be the Next Astros Manager?”

  1. Bill McCurdy Says:

    My apologies for the double entry of two “other” categories. Maybe we can simply treat those two as “think” and “think a damgin.” – Two “other” names have reached me by e-mail and they both are good men: Jackie Moore and Bob Dorrill.

  2. Andy Biles Says:

    Bill, who are some of the “other” selections? Could you communicate the top five?

  3. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Andy, et al –

    Unfortunately, people are voting “other” quite a bit without leaving the name of of who they have in mind. The only serious name I’ve received, so far, is Jackie Moore, but I doubt Jackie would be interested at age 71.
    If I get any alternative names I’ll post them here as comments. If any of you have alreaydy voted other, without naming names. Please feel free to do so here as a comment.

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