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Worm Burners and The Wheel of Destiny

March 23, 2018

Worm Burners: In baseball, these are hard batted balls that come slamming back through the infield with such low even force that they hardly bounce, if at all, and they are moving rapidly through the upper root-level of grass and sod at a base adjoining point with such high frictionally ignited energy that they actually heat the temperature of the subsurface areas to the level that may be needed to sunburn the backs of any worms that may be fatefully wiggling by just below them in the same time and space arena of efficacious configuration as one more example of how the interactive wheel of destiny rarely sleeps in any baseball game worth playing or watching. At least the worms get it, even when our game governing officials do not.

Post-Definition Comment: Baseball may someday shorten a few games by starting extra innings with a second base runner, but that will only cheapen the game, not destiny. – Destiny deprived simply invites a fate to things that would not otherwise be possible on merit. And the ones we invite at the expense of destiny’s preference for the options of competitive play in high drama shall be sacrificed for the quicker pace of boredom by the fateful outcome to the runner who had no earned right to second base in the first place. Even if that runner scores as the subsequent result of a good old-fashioned worm burner, the game will never be the same again.


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle