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The Ring Is The Thing

April 5, 2018

The Ring Is The Thing
That blew in this Spring
And “Champ” is now Our Astros Bling

Congratulations, Astros, on those beautiful new symbols of your accomplishment in behalf of us all! Everyone in town and everything in “H” town that represents that same zest for accomplished athletic excellence is now consumed in awe by the grand looking hardware version of “best in the world” – and also all these rings represent to all others about the spiritual core and drive of our wonderful city. – Right, Rockets, Texans, and others?

Go, Houston! Keep up the good work! And if we are going to be the late harvesters we apparently are, why don’t we check and bring in the sheaves of our other fields that we have been plowing under these SE Texas sunrises for quite a bit of the same time?

Larry Dierker

A Dierker Doppelganger? Hey, Larry! It looks like some of your public now thinks that you’re not quite as tall and handsome as you used to be!

Today I was waiting on the elevator to open the door that would take me to a routine medical appointment on the west side. I was wearing shorts, an Hawaiian shirt, and an Astros “World Series Champs” cap.

When the door opened for me to enter “the lift”, I was greeted by one of four men also going up, already on board.

“Look whose riding with us,” smiled the elder member of the group. “It’s Larry Dierker!”

I smiled and gave them the fingered Hawaiian “Aloha” sign.

They either forgot how tall and handsome you are – or else – the Astros cap and Hawaiian shirt are just too strongly imprinted in the minds of Houstonians to ever be seen as anything but “Larry Dierker”.

Thanks for empowering the rest of us with the objects we need to walk in the pathway of our hero, Mr. Dierker. We appreciate you and we look forward to the coming of your new website, 49sFastball.

Keep us posted on how the site is coming along and, yes, for sure – please know that The Pecan Park Eagle is behind you all the way as a participant, a contributor, and a supporter in any way you would like our input.

The Pecan Park Eagle started in 2009. Today marks the closure on our Column # 2,999. Look for Column # 3,000 within the next 24 hours. And don’t blink too fast. We like what we do – and the moments around the Eagle’s Nest pass quickly.

Thank God for baseball. I’d have hated going through life alone.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle