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The Exhaustion of Euphoria is Suspended Forever

November 4, 2017

2017 Houston Astros
World Series Champions
Now and Forever


The Exhaustion of Euphoria is Suspended …. until what happens, maybe, just the passage of time, who knows?

If you are a real Astros fan, don’t hold your breath, just waiting for the euphoria to flatten out.

For two empty nights running, since Wednesday Night’s Game 7, we’ve approached 7 PM in the evening, both Thursday and Friday, in anticipation of another game.

It didn’t happen. Apparently, the Astros and Dodgers now have other things to do with their lives beyond the pinging pale of a bell that already has been rung.

The Houston Astros are now the irreversible, permanent Champions of the 2017 World Series – from here to eternity. Forever. Or til the end of time. As we know it to be.

…. Nevertheless, the Euphoria of this 55-years-in-the-making Championship lives on. It is not suspended, nor is it diminished emotionally or spiritually by our simple acceptance of the knowledge that 2017 finally raised its head as the “to be” answer to our perpetually extant question as to when the Houston Astros would finally become Champions of the Baseball World.

The time is now. 2017. And there is no sign of us cooling down from the euphoric lift we feel continuously from the simple thought of those four digits – and what they now represent to each of us and our Astro fan bond to the Houston Astros – in the last moment each night – right before we fall pleasantly into sleep – or in the first sweet moment we awaken each morning.

It is the same realization:

“2017 ~ Astros ~ Baseball ~ Champions ~ Forever.”

Embrace it with the same Humility that thrives within our great Jose Altuve, Astros fans, but never let go of the Euphoria that only comes from forever things and conditions that can never be taken away:

“2017 ~ The Houston Astros are the 2017 Baseball World Series Champions ~ Forever!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle