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Nix to the Moonlight Graham Base Runner

February 6, 2018

SS: “How many times do we have to run this guy down?”
3B: “Until we either keep him from scoring – or the last fan leaves – whichever comes first!

Do we really want to fill baseball rosters with a new special talent – a guy that runs the bases like Lou Brock, but never hits because he’s more like Moonlight Graham in that department?

We simply want to call attention to a tight series of points made by Davis O. Barker as a comment upon that “Extra Innings Second Base” Placed Runner idea. If Mr. Davis doesn’t write another sentence on this subject, his thoughts and observations here should be worth a pause by the Commissioner before the game ever comes closer to considering this change at the MLB level – or other any level of organized baseball play:


Wow … I could write a book on this one. I’m going to gather my thoughts later and then submit it. But let me say one thing about the Extra Innings Second Base idea … this is nothing new by any means. I remember seeing it decades ago playing Fast-Pitch Softball – especially in tournament play. They used to call it “Olympic Rules”, but I have no idea why. After watching it in action, it really doesn’t help end games if that’s your goal. The reason for that is that a strategy emerged and everybody followed it … and as a result, everybody scores one run and you keep playing … Strategy? First guy up bunts the runner to third … second guy up lifts the ball into the outfield … runner tags and scores. Now you’re left with two outs and nobody on … Bottom half of the inning – same thing. Problem: What are the chances of scoring a second run with nobody on and two outs when you say that you aren’t likely to score with nobody on and no outs without the rule. The only thing good I guess that would come out of it is that the art of bunting may return to its original standing.

~ Comment by Davis O. Barker at the Baseball at the Crossroads: To Be or Not To Be site


Res Ipsa Loquitur. ~ The thing speaks for itself.

Thank You, Mr. Barker.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

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