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Our Out Of This World Astros

May 2, 2018

Rumor has it that one of our fine Astros starters is actually from Mars. Can’t see any evidence of it, can you?


A Tale of Two Ken Giles Guys

After the Yankee Game One Astros 2-1 Win Save on Monday, 4/30/18 , we wrote: 

Ken Giles looked like the guy we always hoped he could be with that 3K 9th of the 3 batters — and with all of them getting punched out by  100 MPH heat.

Store that fist-pumping self-confidence you showed on the final strike three of the night. Mr. Giles, and bring it back with you in your gut every single day you come to the ballpark for a game. Any guy who can pitch like that against this Yankee club, really does, have nothing else to fear, but fear itself.


After the Yankee Game Two Blown Scoreless Tie and 3-0 9th Inning Astros Loss on Tuesday, 5/01/18 , we now write: 

May Day to Ken Giles! — May Day to Ken Giles! — May Day to Ken Giles!

We don’t know what to say because most of us out here don’t have the talent you showed up and used in your 9th inning annihilation of three pretty good Yankee hitters to seal the Astros win in Game One. You either variably didn’t read, hear, get, or understand the message from anyone about the power of fear itself yesterday — so we decided to be another place you heard it again today — only 24 hours later — after last night’s tough loss.

Open the window, Aunt Minnie! — Ken can’t breathe in here! — Nor can he see the light! — Bust things up and let’s have some fresh air and new outlook on one of life’s biggest deals — learning to live our lives with all our moving parts working.

Hey, Ken! If you need to be afraid of something — don’t be afraid of trying! – Be afraid of not trying!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle