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Our All Time Houston True Grit Nine

January 11, 2018

Casey would vault o’er their strawberry skins – and the game played on!


Our Pecan Park Eagle Selected

All Time Houston Colt .45s/Astros

“True Grit” Starting Nine Players


NOTE: Club Hall of Famers and other famous Houston super stars were not considered as candidates for this club. This team, these guys, are the fire-breathing hustlers we picked from the ranks of those players who made great contributions to Houston big league baseball based upon an apparent special grit for pushing their own abilities in ways that best served the team cause. And their selections were not all tied to their stats. Their field personas and flexible value to the club were major considerations.)

Pitcher: Turk Farrell (14-13, 3.02 in 1963)

Catcher: Hal Smith (.235 in 1962)

1st Base: Marwin Gonzalez (.303 in 2017)

2nd Base: Bill Doran (.283 in 1987)

3rd Base: Denny Walling (.312 in 1986)

Shortstop: Julio Lugo (.283 in 2000)

Left Field: Jim Pankovits  (.283 in 1986)

Center Field: Casey Candaele (.286 in 1990)

Right Field: Billy Spiers (.301 in 2000)

Please feel free to – either or both – replace any of these guys on your own list of “true grit” local MLB starters – and/or add other full roster additions into a 25-man full roster club, if you prefer.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle