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My Apologies for the Belated Dave Smith Death Story

February 9, 2018

My apologies for the extremely belated Dave Smith death story news I wrote about earlier today. Did I also mention that may be soon running a streamer on the shooting that supposedly took place at Ford’s Theater in Washington last April.

Here’s my derailment tale. The following link and story appeared in this morning’s edition of the Houston Chronicle’s site:

I’ve since deleted the short coupling story I wrote with that way-out-of-date news in anticipation of writing the piece you see here.

Maybe it’s what I get for attempting to write nearly 3,000 columns over nine years while also serving as my only on site personal editor and publisher too. Good friends Tom Hunter and Darrell Pittman have saved me from my own flawed self on numerous occasions. In many ways, I’m surprised I haven’t found this wall sooner, even with all the help in the world. I even had to have’s gremlin help to get here today. – Why was running the story of Dave Smith’s sudden death some nine years after the fact? It’s hard for me to believe that I couldn’t even remember that Dave Smith was long since dead when I first got the shocking news again this morning. Had I done so, I might have checked the by line. –   It told me what I needed to know. It read:

“By Jose de Jesus Ortiz  Published 6:30 am, Thursday, December 18, 2008″

Wow! Ortiz works in St. Louis now. Hasn’t worked in Houston for years. And December 18, 2008 was quite a long time ago. One thing that held up true was the fact that Dave Smith did die at age 53. He was born on January 21, 1955, and he died just about a month short of his 54th birthday.

Oh well. It just goes to reenforce an old apparent truism: “You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet to be true.” My apologies again for this reinforcing contribution.

I’ll keep trying to get better. It’s the only gear I own for anything I put myself into doing. Fortunately, I don’t write from ego. If I did, I couldn’t find something to write about anytime I found my keyboard. I may spend some of today feeling like either Bill Buckner – or just maybe – the guy that sent the inaccurate incoming missile warning to the people of Hawaii, but that sort of stuff fades quickly in me. We all make our impact by the things we do, or fail to do, but none of us are the center of the universe, even if the nightly news makes it seem like the world is not running out of people who think they are.




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