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Little Known New 2017 World Series Facts

November 6, 2017

Game 7, Bottom of 9th, 2 outs
Astros Catcher McCann Pulls up to Grab 98 mph Fastball
Larry King (2nd from right, rear) Looks on to impending, 5-1, LA Loss.

Little Known New World Series Facts

  1. A.J. Hinch and Bobby Cox are now tied for most wins by a World Series Manager.
  2. Phil Garner now trails Hinch and Cox by a mere single win.
  3. The Houston Astros are the only club to have played in the World Series as a representative of both the American and National Leagues.
  4. At this writing, the Milwaukee Brewers are the only club eligible to repeat (in reverse) the Astros dual league representative accomplishment.
  5. Two recent winning World Series managers (John Farrell of the 2013 Boston Red Sox and Joe Girardi of the 2009 New York Yankees) were both fired for losing to the Houston Astros in the 2017 American League Playoffs.
  6. The Houston Astros are the only Texas-based franchise to ever have won a World Series.
  7. Of the 30 MLB franchises, only 2 clubs (the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals) have yet to play in a World Series.
  8. Of the 28 World Series appearance clubs, the Houston Astros are now among the top 14 who have achieved a .500, or superior winning percentage, in their overall competitions.
  9. The 2017 World Series is the first to conclude on a throw from a guy from Venezuela to a fellow from Cuba.
  10. 2017 was the Series-on-TV year that answered a burning question: “How come we never see Larry King on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?”


Addendum, 11/06/17

“If the screen grab had been just a little more to the right, you would have seen someone a little easier on the eyes than Larry King: Mary Hart. She and her husband are regulars at Dodger Stadium during the baseball season.”
~ Tom Hunter



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