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Life in Houston: Day 4 of Harvey

August 29, 2017



“Harvey, the world loved you when you made that movie as Jimmy Stewart’s supernatural, but invisibly wise and six foot tall ‘pooka’ alter ego rabbit character that he also named ‘Harvey’, but I gotta tell you as strong as I’m able: your new role as the storm that now menaces Houston and the State of Texas is going to make you about as unpopular in the future as Michael Meyers ever was in that ‘Halloween’ film series!”
~Artwork by Chrisipe Photography ~

The rain and the flooding continue. Thousands of people have now been moved from flooded out homes to quickly organized shelters all over the Greater Houston area. And a few instances of death from trees falling on people, or people drowning from trying to save themselves by swimming in flood tides are starting to show up.

What’s showing up strong, as we noted yesterday, is the character of everyday people who are going way out of their ways to help their neighbors in need, with hardly a picture at all of sociopathic looting going on in great contradiction, as is the case in so places when the disaster is precipitated by hostile political confrontations.

There is a more silent crisis going on for some of us who rely upon life-sustaining medications for survival. Due to flooding and the closure of medical offices, urgent care centers and pharmacies. it has become virtually impossible to get serious problem medical help or a normally simple prescriptions filled without going to a hospital ER and paying the big bucks it costs there to get your medical needs met. Personal example: Early Sunday, I had to ask the physician on call at my base practice primary physician’s office to get a prescription called into Walgreen’s at Memorial and Dairy Ashford for an internal infection that has started in my right hand from a collision my fist had with a wall at Minute Maid Park a week earlier. I wasn’t trying to slug anyone. I just had a startle reaction to something else and swung my hand in such a way that made the injury look like damage from a hard thrown punch.

The hand seemed to be getting well last week, but that began to change on this past Saturday. My hand had swollen again – just like I’d hit it again – and it returned to that reddish mass shape it had taken originally. Because of my age, and all the other meds I take for coronary artery disease, my doctor wanted me to get started right away on the treatment of internal infection.

The antibiotic Rx got called in to Walgreen’s late Saturday. Early Sunday, I called Walgreen’s. All I could get was the robot, but that first seemed to be no problem. I was told all day by the robot that they were “still processing” my order and that they would call me when it was ready. Seven hours later, I continued to get the same robotic message every time I called Walgreen’s for s status check. About 3:30 PM Sunday, I’d had enough. I decided to venture out to see if I could even reach Walgreen’s, which I did, with no problem.

The problem was – the still-announcing-themselves-by-phone as “your 24 hour” store was closed – and according to locals in the area of the Memorial @ Dairy Ashford Walgreen’s – the store had been closed all day – even though their robot continued to give out the “we are open” impression all through the wasted day for all the other phone callers who fell for same misinformation.

OK! Maybe I was only sucker who bought the “we’re working” ruse so easily. Walgreen’s finally corrected the message. They simply didn’t get around to it until Monday, at the start of the still-going-on closure. Suddenly interjected into the normal robot-message wer the words “were closed”.

The problem then became – that I couldn’t get my meds from Walgreen’s – and none of the no other pharmacies I could reach on drive-able streets were open. Two area urgency clinics also were closed – and have remained closed through early Tuesday morning – and I cannot get my antibiotics anywhere. – Meanwhile, my hand continues to stay swollen, red, itchy, and a concern. – How many others of us are going through the same kind of thing with an unanswered health problem this morning? – I also just checked and have learned that my base office clinic is still closed due to Harvey.

All I can do now is head over to the ER at Memorial Hermann Memorial City. Maybe we’ll meet up there.

And, Harvey, I hope we never meet up again. For if we do, and even if it does no good, I may have to waste another perfectly good fist on your snowy white chin, if I can just get you in my sights, Harvey!




1 ASTROS 79 51 .608  
2 ANGELS 67 65 .508 13.0
3 MARINERS 66 66 .500 14.0
4 RANGERS 64 66 .492 15.0
5 ATHLETICS 58 73 .443 21.5






 RANGERS @ ASTROS (postponed due to Harvey) *

  • The 3-Game Rangers @ Astros series has been rescheduled to Tropicana Field in Tampa, starting tonight, for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday contests. MLB may have feared that simply moving the games to Arlington left the door open to rainouts in North Texas too. Now they will be played in a stadium that is both unreachable by most Astros fans and also unattractive to almost all fans, even the few that follow the Tampa Bay Rays.


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