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I’m In The Nude With Glove

June 27, 2018

Who dat man?
Who dat man?
Gotta long beard
And a nude left hand!

I‘m In The Nude With Glove

(To the tune of “I’m In The Mood For Love”)

By Bill McCurdy

I’m in the nude – with glove
Simply because – they paid me.
Funny, but when they paid me
I stripped and grabbed – my glove.

Heaven is in – my eyes
Bright as the star – I’m under
Oh! Is it any wonder
I’m in the nude – with glove?

Why stop to think of whether
This little dream might fade?
I’ve put my stuff – together
Now I’m nude one, I’m not afraid!

If there’s a cloud above
If it should rain – I’ll let it
But for tonight, forget it!
I’m in the nude – with glove.


For breaking news about the forthcoming ESPN annual edition on the athletic “body” in motion feature, check out this one of several multiple sources on the big deal this thing has become in our new “eyes on everything” media culture:

Dallas Keuchel will be the first Houston Astro to participate in the series that is set to hit the news stands on June 29.

As per usual, one hopes that artful appreciation and scientific curiosity are behind this kind of pictorial attention, and, who knows, maybe this generation of marketing wizards will also become the first to prove that hope to be true.

Either way, yes or no, this old world will keep on turning.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle