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Happy New Year 2019 Lagniappe

January 5, 2019


Bevo the Longhorn going after Uga the Bulldog prior to the 2019 Orange Bowl.


That Longhorn-Chasing-The-Bulldog TV scenario still breathes life this morning, Saturday, January 5th. They showed it again on the NBC Today show among a series of amusing clips that have befallen us lately at the new year turn into 2019 ~ and if you watched the actual Orange Bowl, you will recall that Bevo the Longhorn’s stunning dart toward Uga the Bulldog prior to the kickoff that it pretty much held up as a prophetic look at how UT would run Georgia early in the actual football game that followed.

Come to think of it, the mascots of the four teams in the College Playoff Field of Four pretty much held up as the logical winners in those two games too, don’t you think?

The # 2 Clemson Tigers defeated the # 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish,


The # 1 Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the # 4 Oklahoma Sooners.

Now what happens this coming Monday night in the national championship game, when the Alabama “flood of blood” Crimson Tide (or even their alter mascot Elephant) goes up against that same hungry Clemson Tiger?

Based on my belief that Tigers can swim through seas of blood ~ and also eat any elephants they encounter along the way, I’m betting on Clemson (and their super tall and cool-headed freshman QB) to get past Bama and their also very talented Hawaiian QB.

If you even care, what do you think?


The New Years Eve Resolution Breakdown Pattern

Dec. 31, 2018: You write them all down and swear to lose weight, get in shape, quit a bad habit, be more frugal with your money, give more of yourself to worthy causes, and do whatever else that comes to mind that will make you feel better about yourself by way of addition or subtraction.

Jan. 31, 2019: All vows are off for now. ~ Losing weight disappeared with a late night pizza order during the first week in January. ~ Getting in shape vanished when you couldn’t find a convenient place to park the first time you went to the mall to walk for the first time in five years. ~ Then you purchased a new cell phone that you didn’t need after receiving an earlier new one as a gift on Christmas Day. You rationalized your purchase of a second new phone by reminding yourself that the Christmas gift phone was not the one you wanted. ~ After examining nearly a month of charity donor requests, you decide that you still haven’t seen one you trust with your money. You agree to postpone giving until some charity out there blows you over as being honest and sincere. ~ You finally settle everything by subtracting the pressure to do anything with resolutions until the first day of summer, when the weather is more predictable. The adjusted start date for all your resolutions immediately adds some relief you had been hoping to feel about the uneven January effort.



Welcome Home to Houston, New UH Football Coach, Dana Holgorsen!

All of us who truly are deep red UH Cougars welcome you home! And thanks to Board Chair Tillman Fertitta, UH President/Chancellor Renu Khator and UH Athletic Director Chris Pezman for all you collectively did to make this perfect fit reunion at UH with hope possible.

Hope? ~ Yeah, hope! ~ Hope that we finally have our guy ~ the one who truly values UH as a destination school and not another mere “stepping stone” opportunity for either another less qualified or great actor-poor character football coach. Those types have taken their toll on hope at UH for way too long.

And, yeah, “Coach Holgy”  ~ in redundant answer to your question at the press conference ~ do we want to win some football games at UH? ~ “Heck, Yes! ~ Let’s go win some football games, Dana!”

Please forgive me another moment of partisan joy:


Bill McCurdy

UH Class of 1960



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

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