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Game 6: A Halloween Astros Ghostbusters’ Dream

October 31, 2017

“We are the Ghosts of Games 2 and 5! Would you Astros fans care to dodge us, one more time?”
“You bet we do and will!”


The Dream That Makes Speculation A Waste

It’s the one we Astros fans already hold:

  1. The Astros bats come out hot and heavy in the first couple of innings and string a 5-run 1st and a 4-run 2nd into a 9-0 lead, going into the 3rd inning.
  2. Astros starter Justin Verlander strikes out 5 of the 6 first Dodgers he faces and heads into the 3rd with a no-hitter.
  3. The ‘Stros add 2 runs each to their score in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings. The inflating score is now 15-0, Astros
  4. Verlander continues with a perfect game through the 5th – and now has a total of 10 punch-outs to boot.
  5. A little past half way, the Astros pen is quiet; the Dodgers pen is flowing like a weary Congo Dance line.
  6. Astros fans get to watch in a building state of anticipatory joy. There is none of the gripping apprehension and gulping disappointment that put us all through the ringer constantly in Game Five. We are now, every dad gum one of us, simply, but glowingly, all sailing into the beckoning texture of a rainbow-lighted finish line at the Pearly Gates of our 2017 club’s voyage into the Great Hall of World Series Baseball Champions – and we are entering to stake out a can’t-miss-it first space of honor for the Houston Astros.
  7. Verlander finally gives up a 7th inning “whoops hit” in the form of a swinging bunt lead-off single down the 3rd base line by the scruffy looking Dodger with the unruly red beard and hair, but the Astros ace quickly makes up for it by striking out the next three men he faces.
  8. Verlander pitches the 8th and 9th, stronger than ever. He finishes the day with a yield of 0 runs, 1 hit, 22 strike outs, and 0 walks, a World Series pitching win, a World Series trophy for his team, and a World Series ring for himself and each of his teammates. The final score is a record shattering 24-0, Astros over Dodgers.
  9. The Astros also set another World Series single game record of 9 home runs when each member of the starting lineup (Springer, Bregman, Altuve, Correa, Gurriel, Gattis, Gonzalez, Reddick, and McCann all hit for the circuit in Game Five. *
  • Amendment: Reader Paul English brought my attention to the fact that I had been wishing here for a “DH” homer in my original expression. Now we need to make this singular change to the identity of the hitter of that 9th Astros homer in Game 6 tonight. It cannot be DH Evan Gattis because there is no DH in the NL game and Brian McCann is the catcher. Now the 9th HR is struck by, who else, our great starting pitcher ace, – without whom, there wouldn’t even be a big Game Six coming up tonight – the one and only Justin Verlander!

The Options to Disaster and Meltdown

If the unthinkable happens tonight, the Astros still can save their championship hopes with a Wednesday win in Game 7 at LA. – But where does pitching come from?

If Verlander were to bomb or injure early?

Bring in Morton. Then go back to Musgrove, if need be.

If Verlander were to tire or need 2-inning save help late?

Relent in a pinch. Bring in McCullars for short help at closing.

If there is a need for Game 7?

Start Morton and hope he goes 5.  Leave him in for as long as he seems up to shutting them down.  Then bring in the fresh or little used McCullars – or use Keuchal.

Don’t give the ball to Giles, Harris, Devenski, Gregerson, or Liriano, if more help is needed. If it is, go to a more rested Peacock or Musgrove.

Just Easy Guesses.

As per usual, Astros Manager A.J Hinch gets to do the expensive decision-making here. And deservedly so.

C’mon, Astros! ~ Bring home our first World Series victory this Halloween Night!

And try not to make the ride anymore scary than it has to be!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle