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Pre-Game 3 Notes and Reflections

October 27, 2017

Altuve #1

Correa #2

Puig #3

Springer #4

Culberson #5










A Break-Out Game for Five World Series Extra Inning Homers

World Series Game Two was something of a break-out game for extra inning homers. Reader/Contributor Fred Soland wrote us the next day to pass on this information:

“Bill, there was another rarity that occurred in last night’s (second) game (of the World series). Prior to last night, there had been a total of 17 home runs hit in extra innings, forever. However, last night alone, there were 5 home runs hit in extra innings, in fact, in a span of 42 minutes. Pretty crazy stuff last night.” ~ Fred Soland, Reader/Contributor, The Pecan Park Eagle.

We haven’t yet verified the report with Baseball Reference, but we trust the undocumented source in this instance. Fred, if you have validation source data, please pass it along to us and we will reference it here to your report.

We all probably know the five different batters who did the overtime muscle work in Game Two extra frames, especially the three Astro mashers. As a group, they were Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, and George Springer of the Astros – and the irrepressible Yasiel Puig and Charlie Culberson of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


We may be wrong, but we think the Blum World Series Homer in that 2005 win in Game 3 for the White Sox over the Astros has been immortalized in Chicago.

A Houston-Regrettable Extra Inning World Series Home Run

It happened on October 25, 2005 at Minute Maid Park in the 14th inning of World Series Game Three. White Sox batter Geoff Blum, the same cuddly fellow who now calls Houston home as the lovable “Blummer” member of our Astros TV broadcast team, came up to the plate and popped a solo home run over the right field wall. Blum’s homer gave the Chicago White Sox a one-run lead and the momentum to add another before they were retired. The Astros fell quickly in the bottom of the 14th, dropping to 0-3 in the Series and well on their way to a final sweep into defeat the next day.



Dr. Sam Quintero

Dr. Sam Quintero Represents SABR in the Pre-Game Flag Ceremony Prior to Game Three Tonight

For the second time in this 2017 Playoff Season, Dr. Sam Quintero of UH and the Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR will serve as one of the 100 volunteers who will present the giant American and Texas flags prior to Game Three and the start of live World Series action at Minute Maid Park tonight, Friday, October 27, 2017. Thank you for your service, Dr. Quintero! – Who you are – and what you stand for – is both supported and honored itself by all of us who value our American flag as the protector of freedoms that exist nowhere else on earth as they do here.

We may never be perfect, but we’ll never stop trying to get there. Liberty and Justice for All is the standard. Nothing less will do. And we-will-get-there – with people like Dr. Sam Quintero showing the way by his everyday service as a giving citizen and contributing member of our Houston community.

The man doesn’t just give by holding the flag. He gives by living it through his local contributions of being himself on a daily basis. When you think of “Houston Strong”, think of Dr. Sam Quintero. You will have a better handle on the meaning of the term.

Opening Day 2017
Minute Maid Park
The Pre-Game Flag


Go get ’em in Game Three, Lance McCullers! And keep those bats hot and the hits raining heavy, Mr. Altuve and Company!

You guys can do it! ~ We, your fans, believe in you all the way!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle