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Astros Price SABR Out of Fan Fest 2018

January 11, 2018

“Hey, Pinocchio! – Do you know what happens when you use a built-in excuse to explain one of your own stupid moves?”

“OK, let’s see if we can reverse this thing. Let me ask again. – Did you tell me the truth the first time I asked my question?”


The SABR notice from Jacob Pomrenke at our national office at SABR expressed it matter-of-factually, but with a tail-twisting apology for any inconvenience, or implicit disappointment, this news may cause any of us who have been planning to attend the Astros Fan Fest this coming weekend as has been our pattern every winter that the event has been held downtown since the club’s move to its present location in 2000. If memory serves, Fan Fest itself has been held there annually since 2001.

What was the message to volunteer members of the Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research?

Here’s what the SABR notice communicated:


“Bob Dorrill would also like to let everyone know that the chapter will not be participating in the Astros Fan Fest this coming Saturday, as the team has asked for a significant registration fee. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Jacob Pomrenke

Notes: Jacob Pomrenke is the Director of Editorial Content for SABR at the organization’s national offices in Arizona. Bob Dorrill is the longtime volunteer leader of the Larry Dierker Chapter in Houston, and also a long-term season ticket holder of the Houston Astros, an ardent baseball researcher, and a passionate supporter of activities that promote the growth of public interest in baseball and the specific support of the Astros.


So the question hangs in the air. – What is this all about?

Why would the Astros initiate a participation fee that cuts off SABR support for both the club and the game of baseball by effectively price-blocking a SABR information and recruitment table at Fan Fest 2018 this coming Saturday, January 13th ? And please don’t give us that convenient the-devil-made-us-do-it excuse that MLB is requiring you to take such a market-stupid course – unless it really is true, of course. Frankly, it’s hard to believe that either the Astros or MLB could be too stupid to recognize the value of knowledgeable people who already are working for free toward goals that only serve the best expansive interests of both the Astros club and the wonderful game of baseball.

A SABR booth at Fan Fest is not there to profit from material sales, as most exhibitors are, but to make a connection with others that may want to join us in this not-for-profit good fight.

It’s about what our SABR people as volunteers do and what these efforts produce for the benefit of baseball. These energies course over many different fields, but they all flow on the same fuel.

Love of the Game.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle