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Astros Did It! ~ A Replay Request!

November 5, 2017

As Predicted by Sports Illustrated for 2017 Back in 2014!


Astros Did It! ~ A Replay Request!

Late in the evening of November 1, 2017, a Dodger batter’s ground ball to second baseman Jose Altuve quickly got picked up and thrown to first baseman Yuli Gurriel for the last out in a fifty-five year quest for what this final out of a ball game has to offer for all time. At last, the 2017 Houston Astros had accomplished something that all our fan hearts and ballplayer efforts have been leaning into getting done for well over half a century. With the 4-3 put out, the Houston Astros, finally had risen to the goal that always lay before them. They were finally the Champions of the World Series, Champions of the Baseball World.

On the original “Astros Did It” column, we posted the same featured prediction cover from Sports Illustrated shown above here, the one featuring the Houston Astros as their pick for the World Series Championship of 2017.

And what do you know? Three years later, as of Game 7 in the World Series, that oracle work is now fulfilled. The Houston Astros are now Champions of Baseball, for a first and forever time.

Sadly, I just managed to do something here at The Pecan Park Eagle that I’ve never done before. In cleaning up some never published draft files this afyernoon, I accidentally deleted the original “Astros Did It” column, along with the fewer than a handful of comments some of you left there. Now I have a request to go along with my apology:

Would all of you who commented on your first reactions earlier, please do so again here. I promise they will not be lost again.

And will more of you, while we are still close to the event itself, please write something about what the World Series Championship for the Houston Astros now means to you? On some level down the road, our reactions to what has just happened in Houston baseball history are part of the legacy we leave to all those who come after us and, since I’m going to do all I can to make sure that these few thousand columns are archived for the ages, and maybe even continued by someone other than me, once I’m gone, your help here will be greatly appreciated.

Not just appreciated. Required is the word. The Pecan Park Eagle isn’t limited to what I think and feel as publisher and editor. It’s about all of us. What we think, and what we feel, each in our own unique ways. And it’s about what we are learning and gaining from this ride into the sunset with Houston Baseball – as everyday Houstonians and partially gilled water-breathing people of this general area and the humidity hinterlands.

Please don’t send your responses here to me by e-mail. Simply post them as comments in the section that follows this column. And please don’t wait too long. The sooner you write it, the fresher it will be to the truth.

If you find questions helpful, here are a few for all of us: What does this 2017 World Series Victory by the Houston Astros mean to you? – What did you think or feel in the moment that Altuve and Gurriel were taking care of that last out? – Were you surprised by anything that happened in your personal reaction?

Whatever you say honestly here is all that matters. Just say it. The sooner the better, but later’s better than never.

Thank you very much.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle