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An Ogden Nash Early Blink On Jose Altuve

February 23, 2018

Jeff Luhnow
General Manager
Houston Astros

Jose Altuve
2nd Base
Houston Astros

Scott Boras
Business Agent
Jose Altuve








An Ogden Nash Early Blink

On The Future of Jose Altuve

Humbly Offered, By Bill McCurdy


Jeff and Scott – their wounds forgot

Sat down to talk – Altuve

Jeff bid small – and Scott smiled tall

As things did not start – groovy


“Oh, don’t you see – he’s Houston’s heart

The guy that fires our engine?”

“Oh, don’t you see – he’s much too smart

To buy that home town binging!”


Late this year – with outcomes near

Perhaps they’ll find – firm reason

As Jose makes clear – the point of his spear

Is it heart – or most dough per season?



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle