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AL 2018 Batting Title Race Heats Up

June 18, 2018

Jose Altuve, 2018
Building Up for A Run at 4th Batting Title


2018 American League Batting Average Leaders

 Through Games of 6/17/2018:

# Leaders to 6/17/18 Team G AB H BA
1 Jean Segura Mariners 69 288 98 .3402
2 Mookie Betts Red Sox 54 209 71 .3397
3 Jose Altuve Astros 73 294 99 .337
4 Mike Trout Angels 72 253 83 .328
5 Eddie Rosario Twins 78 261 87 .321
6 Michael Brantley Indians 59 241 77 .320
7t Andrelton Simmons Angels 61 223 71 .318
7t Matt Duffy Rays 56 223 71 .318
9 JD Martinez Red Sox 69 260 82 .315
10 Nick Castellanos Tigers 70 287 89 .310

 * Astros Players Above Featured in Bold Type.

Thanks to Baseball Reference.Com for keeping these

kinds of basic charts up-to date and easy to use.


If This Were a Horse Race

If this were the Belmont Stakes, we might look for the top four horses now crowding each other at the far side back track turn to be the competition for the AL batting championship after the pack clears the final counter-clockwise turn and comes pounding down the long stretch. It will take speed, strength and a reserve of determination on hand for the winner to emerge, come September.

Mr. Altuve, who bears far more physical resemblance to a jockey than he does to the thoroughbred actual athlete he truly is, will need to be up to the expected charge of the now healthy big fish that is on his tail and expected to hang in there through the rest of the run — and right up to the finish line.

It’s time to “justify” your growing reputation as a champion among champions, Jose! You can do it, if you can save and even build upon the stamina reserve you are going to need in three months.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle