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2018 Astro Starters are “Houston Hellacious”

May 15, 2018

The Houston Astros
2018 Starting Rotation

Our apologies, but other life matters are drawing upon our energies these days. And don’t give up. We never do. We’ll be back soon enough. Clicking fire on 7.2 units of our full 8 original cylinders.

In the meanwhile, your patience and prayers are appreciated. As I hope most of you know by now, beyond my sweet wife, Sweet Norma, my great thinker son, Casey, and other close family and friends, I live for the success and greater glory of UH, baseball, now with the Houston Astros, but earlier — with my memory of those special days in the Houston east end with the Pecan Park Eagles and Houston Buffs — reading, history, and the importance of life as a full slate of lessons in spiritual growth. (That ought to be enough for now, don’t you think?)

Tonight we are simply taking an up-to-the-moment snapshot look at the results of our Houston Astros five-man starting rotation. Personally, I wouldn’t trade this bunch for any other aggregate group in the 2018 big league camp.

Look at what these guys are doing. going into the games of Monday, May 14, 2018:

Astros Starter Results Through Games of Sunday, May 13, 2018

Justin Verlander 9/9 0 4 2 59.2 8 30 4 13 77 1.21
Gerit Cole 8/8 1 4 1 56.2 9 30 3 12 86 1.43
Charlie Morton 8/8 0 5 0 48.2 11 30 6 17 62 2.03
Dallas Keuchel 9/9 0 3 5 51.0 20 49 8 15 45 3.10
Lance McCullers 8/8 0 5 1 46.0 19 39 3 19 52 3.17

Our top three ERA guys are also 1, 2, and 3 in the AL – and maybe in the whole MLB too. Interesting too, these Top 3 Earned Run Prophylaxis specialists all have given up exactly 30 hits.

Morton and McCullers both started as our #4 and #5 guys, but each is now tied at “5” with the most wins each.

If the World Series were only the best two out of three — and, if you could only carry two starters — my no-brainer picks would be Verlander 77K and Cole 86K. Those two could find the strike zone on a mosquito if you handed the buzzing varmint a tooth pick and sent him up to the plate to hit rather than bite against these giant baseball hummers.

Go Astros! Let’s De-Wing the Angels on the Coast tonight!

Note. Are you old enough to remember when newspaper sports pages used to carry daily, easy to read stat reports on hitting and pitching? As a kid, I used to wake up on the nourishment of changes in the numbers from one day to the next. Now I’m lucky if I can find the current up-to-date game box score and the magnifying glass I will need to read the tiny print they use in rag print row these less imaginative newspaper days.

The Pecan Park Eagle
1st Gooney Bird “It Makes No Sense” Award
To The Houston Chronicle Sports Page Management


We’re going to have to present our first Pecan Park Eagle Gooney Bird “It Makes No Sense” Award to the publishers of sports in the Houston Chronicle. Why publish anything for money that is going to leave readers asking themselves “why did I just waste my time trying to read that crappy presentation when all I walked away with was a sense of being cheated out of both time and money? – This time it’s on you, Houston Chronicle. Next time, it’s my fault for giving you an undeserved 2nd chance.”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle