Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!

To My Dear Friend, Jimmy Wynn ~

We missed you by a day on these public pages due to an unfortunate technical problem with the website, but, as always, it’s better late than never on the day after ~ your 77th Happy Birthday Passage.



Happy 77th Birthday, Jimmy Wynn

(Date of Birth: Match 12, 1942)

You floated like the Monarch butterfly ~ your bat was always the bee!

While soaring the Houston summer sky ~ God’s Love flowed endlessly!

And so it goes ~ from then to now ~ thru all, yet undone, we shall see!

The passion flight of the monarch force ~ from here to eternity!

So, Fly, ~ Jimmy, Fly! ~ ….. Fly, Jimmy, fly ~ like the Monarch of Degree!

We shall find our ways to soar with you ~ winged souls in spiritual glee!

We may not be from KC, but neither were the Monarchs of old originally!


…. and as we here take our swings ~ one day late ~ there’s still time to shout:

Happy, Happy 77th Birthday, Toy Cannon,

Jimmy Wynn, Dear Sweet Beloved Friend!

Love and Peace,

Bill McCurdy and

All Other Monarchs

It’s Your Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!
Fly, Jimmy, Fly!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher







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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn!”

  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Happy birthday, Jimmy!! Love you!!

  2. bobcopus Says:

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

  3. Mike McCroskey Says:

    Best wishes for a great day, Jimmy!
    Happy Birthday.

  4. Tom Hunter Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Wynn. I caught the 175th home run of your career on July 2, 1971 at the Astrodome. You hit the HR off Gary Nolan of the Cincinnati Reds in game won by the Astros, 3-2.

    17 years later in 1988 before an old timers’ game at Mile High Stadium in Denver, you signed the ball for me. Many happy returns.

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