Be it Ever so Boring, the Pats Bring It Home

Bring ‘Em On! ~ Bring ‘Em On! ~ Bring ‘Em On!


Twice this 2018-2019 professional sports season, teams from Boston have risen up to smite clubs from Los Angeles for victories in both baseball and football. Yesterday the New England Patriots took the Los Angeles Rams in a most boring Super Bowl football game played in Atlanta by a score of 13-3. Last fall, the New England Red Sox did a similar job on the base-balling California Dodgers in a World Series victory that featured each club playing games by their actual urban identities as Boston and Los Angeles.

Fortunately for LA ~ and all the rest of us who do not nurse our sports addictions on the heels of either city’s success or failure, ~ the prospects for an NBA trifecta this coming June are not too probable that the LA Lakers will rise up to face, let alone defeat, a superior Boston Celtics club this year, but there are long odds on the Bostons running the table if they can get past clubs like the Golden State Warriors.

As for hockey and soccer, and without a Google search, I can’t even speak to whether they still play those two sports in America, let alone run the odds on a five-pro sport Boston slammer on the rest of us anytime this season.

Let’s just move all these oblong brown and grainy-surfaced and under-inflated balls out-of-the-way and bring on the shiny, round and sweet-smelling hard-core whites of another new baseball spring training celebration of dawn.

“Here comes the sun! ~ You pitchers need to limber up for BP! ~ You! ~ Yeah! ~ You nine guys need to grab some bats and get ready to take some cuts! ~ The rest of you need to grab your gloves and hit the field near your normal spots! ~ It’s time to shag some balls! ~ But push that lawn mower out of left field before we get started and one of you mugs breaks your neck running over it! ~ What kind of ground crew have we got here, anyway?”




Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher


6 Responses to “Be it Ever so Boring, the Pats Bring It Home”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    At the risk of being seen as a heretic, I thought the Super Bowl WAS exciting, because I enjoy watching good defense–especially the one put together by UH alumnus, Wade Phillips. There’s too much emphasis on offense in football, basketball, and even baseball.

    When I go to a baseball game, I always hope to see a no-hitter with good defense rather than home run derby.

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Tom ~ Let me know how many tickets you will need for the World Team Curling Championship matches in Denver this August.

      • Tom Hunter Says:

        Actually, the matches will be in March, but I will be playing chess and waiting for the opening of baseball season–that other sport considered boring by those with short attention spans.

        By the way, the Astros will be in Denver in July, and I will even spring for tickets if you can make it here.

  2. bobcopus Says:

    Seeing Tommy Brady become the only player in NFL history with 6 super bowl titles was exciting enougt 🙂 Boston Bob Copus!!

  3. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    What do you expect in an A/C Stadium – bring back the outdoor ice bowls – play the game in the rain and the mud….. play the games outside…..real tests of fortitude along with football skills. Out of five sports gurus in local (Temple TX) Newspaper – four picked Rams – one should always use an abundance of caution betting against age and experience!

    P Callahan
    STHS ’56

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